During her keynote speech at the virtual Democratic convention, Michelle Obama advised voters to choose Joe Biden over Donald Trump. Her words were - "Let me be as honest and clear as I possibly can. Donald Trump is the wrong President for our country." It was her most political address, and she explained that he had plenty of time to prove his capabilities, but he has not come up to expectations. She went on to add – "It is what it is."

This phrase echoes what Trump used himself while referring to the death toll from coronavirus in the country.

Those who gathered at the virtual event included people irrespective of party affiliations, and Michelle wanted to pass on a message about the possible threats posed by the present administration.

The Guardian quotes Michelle Obama saying - "Going high is the only thing that works." She went on to add that it means to take the harder path, strive to overcome all obstacles, and reach the top.

It does not mean taking things lying down when faced with viciousness and cruelty. Michelle left the White House nearly four years back. She remains a popular figure not only within the party but also among Black women outside the party.

Michelle Obama admits she hates politics

Despite being the First Lady for two terms, she hates politics.

She admitted this to her supporters, who wanted Michelle Obama to become a candidate for the 2020 presidential election. She told them - "You know I hate politics." However, she knows the intricacies of the subject. The Guardian says at the Democratic convention; she described Joe Biden as a person who believes in telling the truth and trusts science.

She also mentioned his positive attitude towards rescuing the economy, tackling a pandemic, and leading the country. Kamala Harris praised Michelle for her speech. After leaving the White House, Michelle has published a best-selling memoir called "Becoming." She traveled a lot to interact with others on topics she talked about in the book.

Voting is important says Michelle

Soon after assuming office, Donald Trump criticized the job performance of his predecessor Barack Obama. The Guardian adds that Trump undid several of Obama's achievements in health care, the environment, and foreign policy.

Michelle wants people to vote and talked about the importance of voting in the forthcoming November election. It will be against the coronavirus pandemic background that has left behind a trail of death running into thousands.

Michelle's speech was one more Democratic convention she addressed. These began with the campaign of her husband, Barack. Then came another occasion in 2012 when she urged voters to give him a second term. In the 2020 convention, she talked about the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police and the White House's attitude towards the unrest that followed.

Speech of Michelle Obama aimed at the heart of every American

According to CNN, at the virtual Democratic National Convention, former first lady Michelle Obama spoke about the chaos of the last four years.

It was a virtual affair because of coronavirus and the need to avoid crowding by maintaining social distancing. She wants the November election to right the wrongs witnessed during the presidency of Donald Trump. Four Republicans spoke at the convention.

Their message was to choose country over party, but Michelle Obama urged them to choose right over wrong. Her message could be a game-changer. It was an 18-minute address, and she put forth moral arguments against the way the President handled them. She also cautioned that things could get worse unless the leadership changes. She urged members of the Democratic Party to - "Vote for Joe Biden in numbers that cannot be ignored."