An FBI investigation is underway in connection to an incident involving Minneapolis police officers and the arrest of a black man. On Tuesday the officers were discharged effective immediately and the event has prompted protests throughout the city.

The Associated Press confirmed that a bystander's video showed the graphic and violent footage of an officer kneeling up against the man's neck. The footage has been shared on social media and shows Floyds' gradual loss of conscious before the ambulance arrives on the scene.

The following content shows disturbing imagery.

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Floyd pleaded several times while on the ground saying that he couldn't breathe. According to the above CBS News report, seven minutes after being on the ground, the ambulance did a pulse check.

Mayor of Minneapolis responds to the incident

The city's Mayor, Jacob Frey, said "This man's life matters. He matters. He was someone's son. Someone's' family member. He was a human being and his life mattered."

The incident as the mayor described it does not reflect the values of Chief Medaria Arradondo, 53rd Chief of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Mayor Frey went on to add that "being black should not be a death sentence."

The incident triggered an FBI investigation.

What will follow in the days to come is much uncertain in the Twin Cities. This event led to protests and gatherings on 38th St. and Chicago Avenue to plead for the loss of Floyd's life.

Protests and mobilization are triggered in light of tragic event

As reported by CBS Local Minnesota, hundreds of protesters have taken the streets.

They have gathered in South Minneapolis to protest the passing of 46-year-old Floyd.

As mentioned in the CBS analysis, the man died after a violent confrontation with police on Monday night. In other words, this happened 24 hours earlier and the decision to fire the officers came as a result of the video footage.

Witnesses filmed the police officer kneeling on Floyd's neck.

The torture lasted for seven minutes. Later, Floyd was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

The protesters organized a march on Tuesday evening outside of Minneapolis Police's 3rd Precinct.

The topic of race and police brutality in the United States

Police brutality and race are hot topic at the present time in the United States. In the days to come it will be the topic of conversation. It will only fuel the tensions since we are in the midst of a pandemic and an election later this year.

This incident will shift the conversation about race relations. What happens in the coming days and weeks remains to be seen. Expect more viral stories and news analysis on this event in the coming days.