The Coronavirus has disrupted normal life around the world. Since the first cases were reported in China, the virus has spread to over 100 countries. Governments around the world have put in place drastic measures to contain the spread. In the United States, the federal government has ramped up its efforts to fight the pandemic after an initially lackluster approach. Last week, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency to combat the virus. Health experts have been advising the administration on the various measures that citizens must take to prevent the spread of the disease and avoid a massive drain on the healthcare system.

The CDC advises people to live stream funerals and weddings

Avoiding crowded gatherings is the most effective measure of containing the virus. Funerals and weddings have been limited to close family members only with the CDC recommending that such events be Live-streamed to avoid large gatherings, reports Fox News. The coronavirus has seen the postponement or cancellation of many public and sporting events. The NBA suspended its season after a player tested positive earlier this month. Other sporting leagues such as the MLB, the NHL, and the NFL have also delayed offseason activities. While sports gatherings are mainly leisure events, important social events such as weddings and funerals have also been affected by the coronavirus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has advised that only close family members should attend funerals. The health body advised that the proceedings are streamed online by the family to avoid large gatherings. Weddings have also been limited to immediate family members.

Death toll rises to above 100 in the United States

An official from the CDC has said that those planning intimate events will have to use technology until the coronavirus threat is under control. The United States has confirmed cases of the virus in 50 states. West Virginia became the latest state to record a new case of the disease after Gov.

Justin Jim announced that a patient had tested positive. According to CNN, the death toll in the country has passed 100 as politicians grapple with the best way to cushion citizens from the economic effects of the virus. The total number of coronavirus cases has also risen to above 5,800. Health officials have encouraged people to stay at home and avoid unnecessary social interactions, an action known as “social distancing.” Many companies in the US have asked their workers to work from home. Some restaurants have closed down their premises and are only offering food delivery services to their customers. Stay tuned for more news and update on coronavirus.