There was confusion in the counting of votes in the Iowa caucus of the Democratic Party for the president 2020 race. Its purpose was to identify their candidate for the White House and the partial results from the chaotic first vote indicate Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders as frontrunners. The party revealed data has arrived from 62% of precincts. It shows Pete Buttigieg on top with 26.9% while Bernie Sanders follows him with 25.1%. The other two in the top four are Elizabeth Warren with 18.3% and Joe Biden with 15.6%. One of them would challenge President Donald Trump in the election to be held in November.

Initially, there were more than two dozen hopefuls and it is gradually reducing.

BBC reports that the state party has yet to make an official declaration of the results. Delay is because of some technical malfunctions. The popular vote count paints a different picture. It shows Sanders ahead of Buttigieg with Warren in third place and Biden at fourth. There is still a long way to go with a number of nationwide state-by-state votes.

These are the primaries and caucuses, and Iowa was the first. The Democratic Party candidate for the White House will be finally announced at the party convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in July.

What went wrong in Iowa caucus of President 2020

Democratic Party chairman of Iowa is Troy Price. While interacting with the media he said that the fiasco was "simply unacceptable." The incident has left a blot on Iowa and it is possible that it might have serious repercussions.

He apologized for the confusion and explained that it was a technical glitch. "This was a coding error," is how he described it. He went on to assure that the data was secure and promised to have a thorough review. There had been fears of external involvement and state party officials have confirmed that such was not the case.

BBC goes on to add that voters had gone to the caucus sites that included libraries, high schools, and community centers to cast their votes. There is curiosity about the frontrunner Pete Buttigieg who is the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, which is a comparatively small city with a population of slightly more than 100,000 people. He has handled various assignments. He was a military intelligence officer in Afghanistan and was attached to a well-known global management consultancy firm.

Given his age, he is only 38, some feel he lacks the experience necessary to hold the post of the president.

It is the President 2020 election fever

According to Sky News, there were upsets in the results of the Iowa caucus. Earlier Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were top contenders for President 2020. The baton has now gone to Pete Buttigieg who is in the top position and Joe Biden in the fourth. This year many members of the Democratic Party wanted to have a go at denying Donald Trump a second term in the White House. However, most of them lacked the ability to impress the voters and had to bow out of the President 2020 race. There were a few women among the contenders and only Elizabeth Warren continues to remain.

The voters had to select the candidate of their choice from a field of 11 and there was a delay in declaring results. A spokeswoman said - "This is simply a reporting issue, the app did not go down and this is not a hack or an intrusion." The next round would be in New Hampshire. Bernie Sanders said - "Today marks the beginning of the end for Donald Trump."

Tough fight for Democrats in President 2020

The tenure of Donald Trump has been one of ups and downs. There were issues like the US-Mexico border wall, and travel bans apart from wooing the North Korean supremo Kim Jong-un to abandon his nuclear ambitions. Then there was the stand he took on the Paris climate accord. The question now is whether he will return to power and complete the unfinished work. The Democratic Party candidate who challenges him will have a tough fight on hand.