The Australian state of New South Wales is in the grip of bushfires and State Premier Gladys Berejiklian informed about forced evacuation of people from danger zones. She also spoke about the possible closure of roads in order to ensure the safety of the people. The administration is poised to go in for all possible precautions to mitigate the sufferings of those affected by the fires. NSW has declared a state of emergency. The fires have been raging for over three months and the present emergency is the third one within the past three months. Those in authority are trying to go in for forced evacuation because the fire is spreading and danger looms large on the horizon.

CNN says there is already an exodus of thousands and the Rural Fire Service is extending assistance. They have arranged a “tourist leave zone” to the Victoria border. In view of the fast deteriorating situation, they have been advised to leave before Saturday. This is because a combination of high temperatures coupled with dry conditions and strong winds might increase the possibility of further blazes. The fire service was blunt. It warned: "These will be dangerous conditions. Do not be in this area on Saturday."

Tentative evacuation plans

Many residents and tourists have gathered near the seafronts and the navy will play an important role.

A vessel will transport around 800 people from Mallacoota. It will make trips as required and shift them to a place of safety. There are plans for aerial evacuation provided the visibility improves. Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed the federal government was dispatching whatever is necessary and warned that accessibility was a major issue in some places.

CNN goes on to add that in the opinion of experts, climate change has worsened the scale and impact of the fires.

The Morrison administration faced criticism of not doing enough to address an issue like the climate crisis. However, Morrison brushed aside the criticism and said his government will “meet and beat our emissions reduction targets." The quality of air continues to deteriorate in large cities like Canberra, Sydney, and Melbourne. In addition, Australia is facing droughts, which have worsened the overall situation.

There are more than 200 fires burning

According to Sky News, Australia is now burning with more than 200 fires wreaking havoc. The navy has undertaken one of the largest evacuations in the history of the country. Nearly 4,000 residents and tourists took shelter on beaches. Some of them agreed to evacuation by sea and others by air.

It was a relief because there was no power and they faced a shortage of food. Victoria Premier Daniel Andrew was blunt and said, "If you can leave, you must leave." Millions of acres of land have been lost with at least 19 deaths. Fires are burning in Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania.