New Year 2020 began in different ways for two presidents of the United States. They are former POTUS, Barack Obama, and the current incumbent Donald Trump. The former served two terms in the White House and is now enjoying a vacation in Hawaii. The latter is trying to get a second term with an election around the corner. Barack Obama heralded 2020 paddleboarding in Hawaii and President Donald Trump ordered an aerial strike that killed Qasem Soleimani. He is one of the top military leaders of Iran. It happened following an attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad.

Republican lawmakers have appreciated the handling of the situation and described it as “as a show of strength.”

Daily Mail UK says on January 2, Barack Obama (58) was in his home state of Hawaii. He was on a paddleboard in the Pacific Ocean dressed for the occasion and trying out various moves. However, Donald Trump had other thoughts on his mind. There had been incidents of escalating conflict in the Middle East: It pertained to the death of an American contractor in Iraq with attacks and counter-attacks and finally an attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad. It was then that Trump planned the most recent attack.

Obama wore shark deterrent band

There were sharks in the water and former president Barack Obama had a shark deterrent band around his ankle.

One usually wears this $84 gadget on the ankle or wrist. It works on a technology developed by experts associated with marine biology. Its purpose is to drive away the predators from the vicinity of humans. The gadget makes use of powerful permanent magnets to create an effective shark deterrent and does not require batteries or charging.

When sharks approach, they feel the strong electromagnetic field, which is several times stronger than what they normally experience in their normal food chain. The result is safety for the wearer.

Daily Mail UK adds there was a Secret Service agent in a bulletproof vest in a kayak near Barack Obama for protection.

He has experience on paddleboards but, in this case, he seemed to have trouble maintaining his balance. He and his family landed in Hawaii in a private plane on December 16 and is enjoying his vacation. Donald Trump, on his part, planned an airstrike on Iran in the New Year. Members of his party praised the move but Democrats and several other world leaders did not agree. They felt it would escalate the conflict in a dangerous way.

Two most admired men of 2019

According to TMZ, former President Barack Obama and current incumbent Donald Trump are the most admired men of 2019. This is the finding of Gallup's annual poll. However, both of them kicked off the start to 2020 in different ways. Obama was in Hawaii and went paddleboarding in the ocean for fun. He is killing time in Hawaii, while Trump is behind the killing of a general in Iran.