Burlington, Vermont is located in the northwestern portion of the state. It's also less than 50 miles away from the Canadian border and less than 100 miles from Montreal, Quebec.

The city's police department has recently been embroiled in a bizarre scandal. As a result, there has been significant turnover in leadership in a short amount of time: A very short amount.

Two police chiefs out in one week

Brandon del Pozo had been the police chief of Burlington, Vermont for four years, according to MSN. His tenure came to an end in December with his resignation.

The now-former chief admitted to using an anonymous Twitter account to post controversial comments about a rival. He also admitted to being dishonest about it to the press earlier in the year.

Deputy Chief Jan Wright was promoted in the aftermath. But her tenure in the position would be exceptionally shorty. Less than a full day, in fact, as reported by ABC. Because, as it turns out, Wright had also been using an anonymous Twitter account. Something she apparently only admitted after her promotion.

However, there are some key differences between the problems for del Pozo and for Wright. Wright does not appear to have used her anonymous account to attack rivals or others in the public eye. However, Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger was apparently very upset that Wright did not disclose the information earlier.

Weinberger said that her not revealing the information leading up to her taking the position was "a lapse in judgment."

On December 20, four days after del Pozo's resignation, Weinberger named yet another police chief. This time it was Jennifer Morrison, not to be confused with actress of the same name. Morrison previously worked for the Burlington Police Department.

She later became the police chief in the neighboring city of Colchester before retiring. Morrison is to officially take over in early 2020. The new Deputy Chief Jon Murad is to lead the department until then.

Burlington is the most populous city in Vermont

Burlington has a bigger population than any other municipality in the state.

However, it has a unique distinction. It's the least populous city in the United States to be the most populous within its respective state. The city is home to the University of Vermont and the Vermont Lake Monsters baseball team.

Several noted politicians have come from Burlington, including several governors of Vermont. Burlington is the home of highly-polarizing politician Bernie Sanders, who was the city's mayor during most of the 1980s. Grace Coolidge, the wife of U.S. President and Vice President Calvin Coolidge, was a native of Burlington.