The love-hate relationship between the United States and North Korea continues to keep the world tense. North Korea is apparently losing patience and recently warned of sending across a "Christmas gift." US President Donald Trump has dismissed it. He is now in his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and he said that the United States would "deal with it very successfully." He also added that it could turn out to be a "nice present" like a beautiful vase. Some had interpreted the "gift" as a veiled threat relating to nuclear weapons. They felt Kim’s regime was probably frustrated at the lack of progress on getting relief from sanctions imposed on it and was trying to force the issue.

Incidentally, Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump have had more than one face-to-face meetings but the issue remains unresolved.

Sky News says there was speculation about Pyongyang conducting fresh tests on an intercontinental ballistic missile that could deliver a nuclear warhead. The North wants to see action on the subject of sanction relief and it said the "Christmas Gift" would depend on the decision of Washington. Obviously, the tension in the Korean peninsula mounts.

China, Japan, and South Korea want a peaceful solution

None of the neighboring countries wants an escalation of tension.

The leaders of China, Japan, and South Korea met at a trilateral summit and they agree that North Korea must abandon its nuclear weapon programs. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said the three countries agreed that a solution must evolve through dialogue and consultation. Others present in the meeting were the Japanese Prime Minister and South Korean President.

There was a need for a political solution. The three leaders discussed regional co-operation on various issues that could help normalize relations. These could include the economy, the environment, and interaction between people.

Sky News goes on to add that there was consensus on support efforts for restarting talks between Washington and Pyongyang.

Moon Jae-in felt talks could help the process of denuclearization and consequent peace. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of japan also agreed and said the missile launches of North Korea not only violated UN resolutions but also were a threat to regional security.

Pyongyang could spring a surprise

According to CNN, American military officials want to take Pyongyang’s threat seriously but President Donald Trump appears to take it lightly. The commander of Pacific Air Forces expressed concerns that North Korea could launch a long-range missile. The US President has conferred with his counterparts in China and Japan on the subject. A direct conflict with the North would adversely affect Trump’s diplomacy with Kim Jong-un. The two have built a rapport of sorts through the exchange of letters but a solution to the main problem is not emerging.