Kim Jong-un’s regime is going ahead with its missile tests irrespective of consequences. On Tuesday, north korea test-fired two short-range missiles soon after indicating the possibility of the resumption of talks with the United States. South Korea keeps track of such activities of its neighbor and it confirmed the launch of the projectiles directed towards the Sea of Japan. They covered a distance of approximately 205 miles. However, officials were unable to comment on the nature of the projectiles, namely whether they were short-range ballistic missiles or rocket artillery.

Daily Mail UK elaborates on this launch. It was the eighth round of launches since late July and the restart of these tests are presumed to be a sort of pressure tactic. Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have had some direct interaction on the subject of denuclearization and Pyongyang had suspended its nuclear programs. However, the hermit kingdom reactivated the nuclear test button to compel the US and South Korea to abandon joint military drills which were not abandoned but was converted to a low-key affair.

Pyongyang keen to revive the stalled talks

On Monday night, an official of the North's foreign ministry dropped hints that her country was “willing to resume nuclear diplomacy in late September.” She added that Washington must offer fresh proposals.

President Donald Trump described the announcement as “interesting” and commented that America has got back its hostages, and there has been a lull in nuclear testing for quite some time.

Daily Mail UK says on earlier occasions, North Korea launched missiles and rocket artillery that could strike targets in South Korea. The latest launch appears to be pressure tactics to reopen channels of communication after the lost opportunities in Hanoi last February.

Subsequently, the two leaders met in the DMZ but there were no new dates announced. The White House admitted knowledge of recent developments regarding the launch of projectiles from North Korea. It said it was monitoring the situation in consultation with its allies. Japan views the activities as threats because it feels the repeated firing of missiles meant North Korea was in the process of upgrading its technology.

North Korea wants relief from US-led sanctions

According to Time, the latest missile launch of North Korea soon after offering to resume nuclear diplomacy with the United States appears to be a strategy to obtain concessions from the US. Observers feel the country wants to bargain for security guarantees and extensive relief from US-led sanctions in return for limited denuclearization steps. President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have met on three occasions to work out an acceptable plan to end nuclear activities in the Korean peninsula but that has not yet happened. Now, North Korea has made an offer. The ball is in the court of the US and they will need to try and evolve a solution to the problem.