The US President Donald Trump will, at last, be able to show off the military might of the USA when battle tanks appear on the roads and fighter aircraft fly past overhead. It will be a part of the Fourth Of July celebration this year. The media is maintaining a close watch and some Bradley and Abrams tanks have arrived with support vehicles.

Defense officials who have knowledge of the plans indicated that the duration of the event would be roughly 20 minutes. The breakup would be roughly four minutes for each service of the military. This is tentative and could increase if necessary.

NBC News reports that details of the program are very sketchy. An official in the know revealed that different branches of the military would participate in the Fourth of July celebration. There would be aircraft belonging to the Army, Navy and the Air Force apart from the Coast Guard. An additional attraction would be the Air Force One plane. These items will move out from various bases in the country to join the display.

A new concept of celebration

Donald Trump attended the Bastille Day celebration during his visit to France in 2017.

He found it impressive and wanted to have something similar on the Fourth of July. In the initial stage, the plan did not find favor because of the high cost. Moreover, the movement of heavy equipment could damage infrastructures.

Hence, there will now be a display of some of the assets of the US military. In view of the proposed flypast of military aircraft, the Federal Aviation Administration FAA decided to suspend operations at the closest commercial airport to D.C.

This will affect some of the scheduled flights during the operations.

NBC News adds that critics say the president wants to convert an age-old nonpartisan celebration into a political event.

However, Donald Trump counters that and said he wants to deliver his speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. He also assured that it would be meant for all Americans and not only for his supporters.

There will be battle tanks on the road

According to The Guardian, Donald Trump’s desire to display America’s military strength during the Fourth of July celebration will test the resilience of the administration. While it would not be difficult for jets to engage in fly-past, it might not be that easy for the massive battle tanks to go on the roads.

Obviously, the organizers must work overtime to get things in place and it would test their limits. Incidentally, Virginia representative Don Beyer fears the Arlington Memorial Bridge could get damaged.

He has written on Twitter about the bridge. He says - “It has a weight limit of 10 tons; an Abrams tank weighs over 60 tons.” Movement of such a load over the bridge could damage it and affect those who use it regularly.