Jussie Smollett, a famous actor and singer who plays Jamal Lyon on the Fox hit show “Empire,” was charged with faking a hate crime against himself, earlier this year. Earlier today, those charged were dropped following Smollett agreeing to forfeit a $10,000 bond.

Smollett, 36, claimed two men beat him, poured bleach on him and placed a rope around his neck and, according to Smollett, yelled: “This is MAGA country” referring to the Trump presidency. Smollett faced scrutiny following these accusations he made with many people saying that the accusations were fake.

Police claimed Smollett orchestrated this stunt because he was dissatisfied with his salary.

Attorneys speaks out

Smollett’s attorney’s said that this incident got out of hand real quick and was a total misunderstanding, according to a report from CBS News. All charges were dropped and his record was wiped clean following the terrible complaint against him.

State Attorney Kim Foxx said that she did not want to have any part in the case and thus recused herself from it. Spokesperson Tandra Simonton said that Foxx recused herself just to be cautious.

Initial charges against Smollett

Smollett was charged with lying to authorities on February 20, according to a report from Fox News.

A few days after those charges were brought, he was charged with 16 felony counts of lying to authorities, and was also charged with eight counts regarding the January 29 report from downtown Chicago and eight counts for what he later told a detective about being the victim of a brutal racist and homophobic beating by two masked men.

Smollett speaks out

Earlier today, following an emergency court appearance in Chicago, Smollett spoke out about the dropped charges and said that he never lied about what happened and that he was being consistent with telling the truth, according to a report from CBS News. He wanted to emphasize that this attack wasn't staged but, in fact, had actually occurred.

Since the charges were brought against Smollett, the show in which he stars, “Empire,” fired him from the show.

Mayor dissatisfied

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was not happy following the dropping of Smollett’s charges. He said that this was what he calls “a whitewash of justice.” He said that these people who dropped the charges should be held accountable for their actions.

Fox did not say whether or not Smollett will return to the show in the coming months. More to come as this story gets updated.