Already three Democrats have revealed their intentions to contest the 2020 presidential elections. They are Julian Castro, Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris. The latest entrant in the field is 77-year-old Independent Senator Bernie Sanders who has experience on his side. He ran against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary race and could be one of the top candidates who will be in contention for the White House this time.

Daily Mail UK reports Bernie Sanders did not mince his words when he labeled Donald Trump a “racist” on Martin Luther King Jr.

Day when he was in one of the crucial presidential primary states. He went on to add that the president should try to bring people together and not divide them by creating different types of imaginary barriers in society. Observers interpret this as an indicator of Bernie’s intention to occupy the Oval Office in 2020.

Competition will be tough

Bernie Sanders is a seasoned campaigner and in 2016, it was a neck-to-neck fight with Hillary Clinton. This time around, the competition to become the 46th president of the USA could be still tougher because of a huge age gap, in fact, a generation gap with other contenders. There are three of them so far. All are young and two of them are women. They are Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris while still two others, Tulsi Gabbard and Elizabeth Warren, could join the lineup.

Obviously, the profile of voters will be a deciding factor.

Kamala Harris is in her 50s and comes from a family of immigrants from India and Jamaica. She is a first-term senator from California. Kirsten Gillibrand is also in her early 50s and is a Senator from New York. Both Kamala and Kirsten have set the ball rolling. The other two women Hawaii Rep.

Tulsi Gabbard and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren have not yet disclosed their plans.

Bernie Sanders expects to emerge on top

According to Huffington Post, Senator Bernie Sanders is hopeful for his second bid for the White House. He feels he could be a leading candidate among African American and Latino voters. He was uncomfortable in his 2016 bid with these two groups.

However, some recent polls have added to his confidence level and he has begun to build the infrastructure needed. These include hiring people, making contracts with vendors etcetera. He could be relying on his ability to garner support at the grassroots level and expects the setup he established in 2016 to stand him in good stead. Of course, he will have to ensure that one of the women does not beat him to the punch.