Hurricane Florence warnings were put out by Accuweather Wednesday night. According to them, the slowing down of the storm doesn't mean there will be less danger. Their weather experts predict that in fact, the storm could pick up again, or stall. This is predicted to bring total inundation to some areas of the eastern and south Eastern Carolinas. In the meantime, CNN reported that concern is growing for residents in Carolina Beach.

Dan Kottlowski, an Accuweather Hurricane Expert, noted that "A jump in strength to a Category 5 hurricane is possible Wednesday night to Thursday, before some weakening may take place prior to landfall to end the week." They fear that Florence may stall near the coast Thursday through Saturday and cause extreme rain levels.

This would mean very wet weather for days rather than hours, leading to extensive flooding apart from wind damage and coastal surges.

Total inundation a big worry in Carolina beach

There is particular concern for some residents that have not evacuated certain areas where evacuation orders were issued. The areas grew as the hurricane showed signs of possibly deviating slightly off the predicted course. One of those areas, "where it's thought that as many as 1,000 of the town's 6,300 residents" have remained behind is Carolina Beach, CNN reported.

The news outlet noted that traffic onto the island across the bridge was stopped at 8 PM local time on Wednesday night. Carolina Beach is only around five feet above sea level.

According to Mike Cramer, Town Manager, law enforcement are trying to establish just how many people have remained in their homes. It's predicted there will be a minimum of two periods of high tide while the storm is in the area: Possibly more if Accuweather's prediction of a stall comes to pass. According to Mayor Joe Benson, the high tides could peak at seven feet.

Adding a storm surge of 13 feet on top of that makes him worry that the dunes will not hold that type of water back. "Flooding is almost guaranteed," he said.

Catastrophic Hurricane Florence flooding predicted

With the storm now encompassing the possible impact to the South East, ABC7 Chicago pointed out that not only around 10 million people in the Carolinas are in its path, but Georgia's governor has also declared a state of emergency.

The News outlet reports that The National Hurricane Center predicts that Hurricane Florence could make landfall in the North Carolina-South Carolina areas by Friday afternoon before continuing west. This will potentially bring catastrophic inland flooding.