A blue shark in the shallow portion of a beach in Majorca led to panic among beachgoers on August 3, 2018. It was in Cala Domingos, a popular location on the Spanish island's east coast and an attractive tourist destination for the British. However, the large animal forced the tourists to abandon their activities and vacate the area. Many of them were children playing in the water, and the shark was unwelcome.

Sky News reports that right now, visitors from countries like Spain and Portugal have flocked to the seaside in large numbers to escape from the rising temperatures that could reach around 48C.

The shark was swimming near the beach and was visible from a distance. Lifeguards have captured the footage of the animal.

Blue sharks seldom come close to the beach

These animals are common in the Mediterranean and usually stay in deep, cooler waters far away from beaches. Hence, one of them coming so close to the beach raises questions. This is believed to be the first official sighting in Spanish waters in three decades. Police and biologists from a nearby aquarium tried to coax the blue shark back out to sea, but it appeared to be disorientated. The lifeguards finally dragged it out of the water but it did not survive.

Animal lovers have not taken kindly to this loss and want to know how it died. There are several species of sharks in the Mediterranean and blue species is one of them. The Great White sharks are also common but they mostly live in the deep sea. Of course, recently one was seen recently off the southern coast of Majorca.

The sight of the shark led to panic

It is human instinct to be afraid of animals like sharks and, when one of them is suddenly seen near the shoreline, panic is bound to set in. There have been instances of shark attacks in Florida.

People will recall Movies like “Jaws” that showed the helplessness when such an attack takes place.

That is what happened in Majorca. These animals normally stay in deep waters and when one of them comes near the beach, there will be panic as well as curiosity. A study has shown that sharks are useful to maintain the ecological balance.

The Telegraph UK adds that tourists fled from the scene but remained at a safe distance to watch the animal swimming. Many of them had never seen a shark from so close quarters and were visibly excited. However, it ultimately died stung by a ray, as disclosed by a veterinary nurse. Blue sharks are common in Spain but have led to a number of beach closures that affects Spain’s tourism industry.