John Schnatter, the founder of Papa John’s pizza, last May, said a racist slur during a conference call, which prompted him to resign. According to Buzzfeed, his logo is not going to be featured in the marketing of the pizza, moving forward. The CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie, said in a statement that “racism and any insensitive language, no matter what the context simply cannot — and will not — be tolerated at any level of our company."

Papa John’s felt that it was best for them to part ways from using the logo for the company so that their reputation as a loving company won’t be ruined by insensitive language.

Being that Papa John’s doesn’t support inequality, it comes at no surprise that they would decide to part ways with Schnatter for using that racist slur. But this was also after Papa John's blamed the NFL and its players for declining pizza sales.

According to Buzzfeed, John Schnatter apologized in a statement, saying “racism has no place in our society." He will no longer be a part of the famous pizza branding moving forward. The pressure from the consequences of his comments forced him to resign and part ways with the pizza.

Popular college football team parts ways

After reports came out about Schnatter’s racist remarks, some teams have begun to part ways with the company, including the Oregon State Beavers football team.

According to USA Today, Beaver’s vice president, Scott Barnes, said in a statement that “The derogatory and insensitive comments made by Papa John's founder John Schnatter are not reflective of Oregon State University's values and the inclusive environment we strive to foster throughout the university community and within OSU Athletics for all student-athletes and fans."

Oregon State football doesn’t support racist or any insensitive comments made in a public setting, and they felt it would be best to not have any part in that matter and to not use the famous pizza in their marketing.

NFL teams parting ways with the company

Many NFL teams are leaving Papa John’s sponsorships, as well. According to USA Today, The Seattle Seahawks have parted ways with the famous pizza. Also, AMB sports, which supports the Atlanta Falcons football team, has withdrawn its support. These teams have strong views on the matter and don’t want to be associated with hateful language.

Popular baseball team opting out of sponsorships with Papa John’s

According to USA Today, the New York Yankees baseball organization posted a statement on Twitter, stating that “In response to the reprehensible remarks made by Papa John’s founder and owner, the New York Yankees are suspending their relationship with the company.” They do not support any insensitive comments and have made their point clear by tweeting this statement.

Moving forward, the pizza will have a brand new logo, as well as a new chairman to take over for Schnatter. Customers will now have to get used to not seeing the classic logo on the pizza boxes anymore.