The recent wildfire in the northern part of California has destroyed more than 2000 buildings. Over 150 people are missing while 17 have been confirmed as dead. The police have stated that the wildfires broke out in the state's northern Wine Region on Sunday. Santa Rosa is said to be one of the most affected towns.

The wildfire has destroyed many districts in the north of San Fransisco. The police have reported 7 deaths in Sonoma County alone. The situation has been chaotic as many people have rushed to safety. The sheriff's office in Sonoma County stated that they have no idea where nearly 155 civilians are.

Some of the victims included an old couple that was approximately 100 years old.

One of California's deadliest fires

The massive wildfire is one of California's deadliest in history. The smoke of the fire alone has traveled around 60 miles away towards the south of San Francisco. California's fire chief Ken Pimlott stated that the fire has burned 115,000 acres of land in the past 24 hours. The destruction was caused by more than 17 fires.

Given the present situation, the death toll is believed to increase. There is still a large number of unaccounted civilians and the rescue teams and police officers are taking steps to ease the situation. The fire has been moving very fast as the winds push them to spread.

However, there has been some good news as the winds have been reduced. Officials are hoping that the situation will not get any worse.

Wineries suffer significant loss

Almost four wineries have suffered a huge loss due to the rapid spread of the fire. The Napa Valley Vintners stated that 9 of them have reported damage to their vineyards or buildings.

The wildfire has brought a significant damage to many businesses in the region. Thousands of residents from Sonoma County have left their homes and fled.

According to BBC, a mobile home park and a Hilton Hotel were destroyed in Santa Rosa. The wildfire has caused a power failure for more than 91,000 homes and businesses. Seven counties have been declared a state of emergency by the California governor Jerry Brown, including Sonoma, and Napa.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has approved a disaster declaration, and the federal emergency aid is all set to be distributed. The situation has been eased, but the search for missing people has not stopped yet. The police are assuming that the missing civilians have fled to a safe place. Along with the wildfire, many animals have lost their natural habitats.