A routine traffic stop turned into a nightmare of crimes once police caught up with Stewart Weldon. He led police on a chase after he was spotted with a tail light out on the car he was driving. Once they caught up with him, a very battered and frightened woman in the car told police she was being held against her will by Weldon and continually raped over the past month. The unidentified woman is still in the hospital today (June 2) being treated for stab wounds to the abdomen, a possible broken jaw, bruises, scrapes, and scratches from her reported ordeal.

Lived in Westfield at one time

According to the Boston Herald, once they had Weldon in custody, it was something he said that led police to search the property where he lived, which is owned by his mother in Springfield, Massachusetts. The police searched the house and grounds and found three bodies. According to records, Weldon had lived at the property in Springfield for the past two years. That property is now the location of an intensive search for more victims. He had also lived in Westfield, Massachusetts, as well as New Jersey, according to records.

Charges included kidnapping, threatening to commit murder

Weldon is being held on $1 million bond after being charged with kidnapping, threatening to commit murder, and assault and battery for what he allegedly did to this woman.

He has not been charged in connection to the bodies found on the property where he lived. Police remind the media that the investigation is still in its early stages.

Three bodies discovered

When police searched the Springfield home they found a total of three bodies in various locations in and around the property, according to Mass Live.

Law enforcement agencies have brought in a radar imaging contractor who will scour the property with ground-penetrating technology for any more remains that may be buried there.

Radar imaging contractor brought in

A Waltham-based company arrived early Friday morning (June 1) at 1333 Page Boulevard with their ground-penetrating technology ready to go to work.

The investigation is still on-going over the weekend as well.

Police did not release anything about the bodies found on the premises, except that they remain unidentified. There is no word on how long the bodies may have been at the home, which is usually determined by the state of decomposition. The gender or approximate age of the victims was not revealed by police. The bodies are now in the custody of the medical examiner.

Child removed from the home

According to CNN, police called in the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families to take a child into their care who was found in the home. Authorities have not released any information about the child's relationship to anyone in the home or the gender or age of the child.

Routine traffic stop nightmare

This bizarre case unfolded on Friday with police attempting to make a routine traffic stop of the suspect, who had a tail light out on his car. He didn't stop but instead led police on a chase which ended when Weldon smashed into a police car. From there, he fought the police attempting to take him into custody. The officers found two knives in Weldon's pockets, according to CNN. The woman in the car, who is now in the hospital, was an acquaintance of Weldon and was allegedly being held against her will. She told police that the suspect hit her with a hammer at one point during her horrific ordeal.