Clara Daly never imagined herself at the center of any viral story. The 15-year-old from Calabasas, California could have put in her earbuds and tuned out everything around her, like many passengers, but instead, she chose to care, and use sign language to help a fellow passenger that no one else on board could reach, and a very special connection was made.

Taking care of a simple need

Simply flying on an airline these days is an ordeal for every passenger, but for Tim Cook, as reported via and numerous other news outlets on June 25, his flight back from Boston was a bit unnerving.

Another passenger, Lynette Scribner, seemed to know she was about to witness something special. She watched another passenger trade seats with Cook and help him with his coffee. The flight attendants then interceded, doing their best to communicate with the deaf and blind passenger by allowing him to feel their faces and arms without flinching. Nonetheless, they sensed that he needed something more. A call was put out to anyone who knew American Sign Language, and Clara Daly didn't hesitate before coming to Tim Cook's aid.

Clara gently took Tim’s hand and began to fingerspell words and questions. The first simple request came for water and then wanting to know how long the rest of the flight would be.

More than meeting those simple needs, Scribner and the cabinet full of passengers couldn't keep from “laughing and smiling” when they saw Tim Cook's delight in having another human being understand him, and being willing to talk with him. He was instantly calmer after the intervention of the “beautiful young woman,” as Scribner referred to Clara Daly in a post on Facebook.

She also noted that everyone involved on the Alaska Airlines flight seemed to “rally around” the special needs passenger.

Nothing in the way of helping

Clara Daly began her study of American Sign Language about a year ago. She was drawn to the unique form of communication because “you don't have to read or write anything,” which can be problematic for a student with dyslexia, like Daly.

The 15-year-old chose American Sign Language as her option in the completion of her foreign language requirement and certainly found a lasting and personal means of conveying her skill.

Clara Daly’s dad is especially delighted in the deeper lessons of his daughter’s interaction, “to open yourself up and be there for other people.” Clara was hopeful that she didn't spell anything wrong for Mr. Cook. Clara has future dreams of becoming a senator, and of course, she will sign her speeches to constituents, as detailed by CBS Local Los Angeles.

Tim Cook asked for Clara to keep him company for the last hour of the flight, knowing that he had formed a bond that both passengers will remember for a lifetime.

Clara Daly said: “He didn't need anything. He just wanted to talk.”

A calming conversation between new friends can be cherished forever, and now, people the world over are pausing to take in these expressions of kindness that translate in any language.