California police officers are currently searching for more information about the shooting death of 35-year-old scientist, Tristan Beaudette. Fox News reports that Beaudette was shot and killed on Friday inside of Malibu Creek State Park, a popular camping site in Southern California. Beaudette bled profusely from a single chest wound when sheriff's deputies first found him inside of his family tent on Friday, June 22.

According to Newsweek, homicide investigators believe that Beaudette was murdered sometime around 4:44 AM PST since that was the exact time that local police received calls about the sound of a gunshot in the vicinity of the Malibu Creek State Park.

The park, which is best known for providing scenery for the popular television show M*A*S*H, is located near the 1900 block of Las Virgenes Road in the town of Calabasas, California.

Following the discovery of Beaudette's body, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department sent out a public statement saying that Beaudette died at the crime scene. The report also mentioned the fact that Beaudette was shot and killed in front of his daughters, aged two and four. The sheriff's department said that neither girl had been injured in the attack.


According to both Newsweek and Fox, Beaudette had taken his daughters camping last weekend because he wanted to give his wife, Erica Beaudette, time to study for an upcoming medical exam.

Beaudette worked as a scientist for a pharmaceutical company and his wife is a doctor. The couple was planning on moving to the Bay Area prior to Tristan's murder. CBS News has reported that the site has had trouble with reports of random gunshots in the past.

Deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department told KCBS Los Angeles that they currently have no leads in the case.

They also say that they have yet to find a motive for why the father of two was shot once in the torso. Members of the Beaudette family said in a prepared statement on Sunday that Tristan loved his life, his wife, and his children.

A GoFundMe page has been established for Erica Beaudette. At the time of this writing, the page has garnered $69,422 dollars in donations.

The page's original goal was to raise $25,000. The page ends with a brief eulogy for the murder victim: "Tristan, you were such an amazing father, husband, son, and brother. You were admired by so many for your devotion to your wife and two daughters."

Camping at Malibu Creek State Park will be closed to the public until June 28.