Oprah Winfrey knows something about being successful. In a speech, the media mogul told participants at a student-led interview at Stanford Graduate School of Business that they have a calling that goes beyond their job description. She spoke about the one trait that has helped her throughout the years, and helped her to become a billionaire. The trait that Oprah explained is not limited to her, but everyone can benefit from it.


According to CNBC, the one key trait is self-awareness. The 64-year-old television personality explained that unless a person is aware of who he is, he will never know his true calling that leads to his success.

She became transparent and shared a story about herself that some people already knew. She admitted that she was demoted from a co-anchor position when she first started out as a journalist in Baltimore, Maryland. That forced Winfrey to rethink her calling. The demotion was a key to understanding why Oprah felt unfulfilled, but she still felt that way after having a successful talk show for 25 years in Chicago. She felt there was something more that she needed to do to live according to her purpose.

The 'something more'

Oprah says all people have a "something more" inside of them.

However, to find out what the "something more" is, the billionaire said self-awareness is a key trait. In order to become aware of yourself, Oprah suggests listening to your inner voice. She calls it your emotional GPS system.

Oprah confessed that people saw her as having it all, but she was not happy on the inside. She is a talk show host, actress, producer, a network owner, and a billionaire, but she still wasn't satisfied with her life.

It was only after she started listening to her inner voice that she became satisfied with a fantastic life.

Winfrey concluded by telling the students that every wise decision she has ever made was because she listened to her inner voice. Whatever she has today is due to the fact that she finally discovered who she really is.

Money is not the key trait

An important point gleaned from Oprah's talk is that she was a billionaire, but she was still not happy. She felt something was missing even with a highly rated show and a network. By most people's standards, she should have been satisfied. That's because people think money is the key to happiness, but Oprah is proof that that's not true. Oprah has said on many occasions that self-awareness is the key trait for fulfillment.