Computer hacking is one of the biggest problems of the world today. It is said that by the year 2021, cybercrime will cost us about $6 trillion in one year. Furthermore, there aren't enough cybersecurity solutions that can help identify and manage cyber threats efficiently. Also, many companies are not able to secure their network effectively. Now, according to a report from Forbes, SelfKey, a blockchain based digital identity network, has collaborated with Uncloak, a cybersecurity company, to serve people and organizations as well. Together with Swiss-based Adecco, Uncloak serves private as well as public sector clients by providing cybersecurity consultancy.

Adecco is the biggest human resources company in the world. This year, the cybersecurity firm has also joined hands with top AI software developers in the world.

About Uncloak

IT security experts in the United Kingdom developed Uncloak with the aim of keeping businesses ahead of cybercriminals. Advanced technology helps the firm to monitor the Dark Web and the internet for cyber threats. Uncloak works with a team of security experts to examine and identify cybersecurity threats and uses an automated system to fix cyber vulnerabilities.

About SelfKey

The Selfkey company enables people and businesses to have control over their private information and securely access a variety of products as well as services.

The compliance software provided by SelfKey allows service providers to streamline the Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. Streamlining helps make the process efficient and quicker. A business can verify the identity of the customers or clients with the help of KYC process. SelfKey and the compliance software will help the cybersecurity firm Uncloak to carry out KYC processes on their Token Sale and fulfill the requirements of KYC, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF).

SelfKey identity wallet

The blockchain ID company has partnered with Uncloak to carry out the SelfKey Identity Wallet audits. The SelfKey identity wallet allows people to control their documents and private information round the clock. The desktop app also allows individuals to easily access a variety of services, such as corporate and cryptocurrency services.

The goal of SelfKey is to stop hackers from stealing private information. The company also wants to make things easy for businesses and people by making KYC processes more efficient. A number of banks, immigration agents, blockchain startups, exchanges, and fintech startups are reportedly planning to use the digital ID solution provided by the company.

Data security is most important

For SelfKey, data security is the topmost priority. The firm has joined hands with many companies to regularly audit the SelfKey Wallet development on a regular basis. It aims to provide a bug-free application. Uncloak has also worked with many well-known firms and has a good experience in IT security. SelfKey founder Edmund Lowell feels that they have taken a good decision to partner with Uncloak. He hopes this business relationship will last very long. Uncloak, on the other hand, is honored to work with the blockchain ID company.