Quarters are on the run in styrofoam cups. Help, stop the thieves! On May 8, two men decided to rob a Florida car wash that was at a Mobil gas station in Dania Beach in the middle of the night. These two men drove a silver four-door Ford Focus into the stall as if they were going to wash their car like any normal person. What made it even more suspicious looking was when the man popped open their hatchback and looked dumbfounded while rummaging through the trunk until he was able to find the drill bag. Once the drill was located, another guy walked from around the front of the car in order to exchange words with what was to happen as the next move.

While the guy with the drill starts heading toward the change dispenser, the other man decided to keep watch for any activity after pretending to be looking for something specific inside the hatchback of the car.

Details from this article come from reports by UPI and the Sun Sentinel. Though the crime took place at the beginning of May, new reports and the release of the video footage has thrust it into the news cycle.

Quarter thieves are on the loose in Broward County, Florida!

Once the drill opened the access to the quarters, the man watching guard went to the car and grabbed some used styrofoam cups to collect the spillage of money. Maybe a bucket would have worked better. To top it all off, these men did nothing to disguise their appearance or the vehicle.

To finish the night, the men were only able to gain access to a total of $849 worth of quarters. While the Broward County Sherriff’s Office has the whole footage on camera, they are still having a hard time identifying the thieves.

Who could have possibly done such a thing?

The first man was described as being a heavyset man with a light complexion wearing flip-flops, while the other guy was also heavyset but with a darker complexion and had on sneakers.

This can all be seen in the video of the crimes. Even though these men were able to get away with this crime for this period of time, there is likely someone who recognizes them. There is currently a $3,000 reward for the arrest of both of these men. The Broward County Sheriff's Department is asking anyone to contact Anthony Paigo at (954)-518-0157.

Don't forget, any anonymous tips are allowed and can be reported to the Broward County Crime Stoppers at (954)-493-8477 or you can visit their website (www.browardcrimestoppers.org) if you do not feel like talking out loud.