A three-year-old missing person case has finally been solved in Arkansas. Back in 2015, teenager Ebby Steppach of Little Rock disappeared. The 18-year-old was last seen alive on October 25, 2015. Her personal vehicle was later recovered by police at Little Rock's Chalamont Park. On Tuesday (May 22), investigators in Little Rock uncovered a set of human remains in Chalamont Park and rushed to the media with the information that the bones belong to Steppach.

According to Fox News, investigators in Little Rock utilized robots with video cameras in order to explore the park's drainage system.

Here, the robots of the Little Rock Police Department found Steppach's bones stowed away in an underground pipe. The Steppach family reacted to this news by posting their thoughts on Facebook. "Her story touched many in ways that she could not have imagined," the social media post read, "The search to find Ebby has sparked open conversations and brought a heightened awareness to missing children and young adults..."

Little Rock police officers have yet to offer any comments about what caused Steppach's death. However, it seems highly likely that Steppach died somewhere at the park, for this was the last place she was seen alive. As to who hid her corpse, the mystery remains open.

Family conviction

When Steppach was first reported missing, Little Rock investigators treated it as yet another example of a runaway teenager. Ebby's parents, however, have maintained since 2015 that Ebby was in some kind of serious danger prior to her disappearance. "She would never do this. She loves her family so much, she wouldn't cause her family this much pain," Laurie Steppach, Ebby's mother, told KATV back in 2015.

The Steppach family's Facebook post does suggest that the family believes that Ebby was involved in some kind of sex trafficking case. The authorities in charge of the investigation have made no comment on this suggestion. Given that Ebby's corpse was discovered in a hidden location, it would seem to suggest that someone else or possibly multiple people had a hand in Steppach's disappearance and death.

Certainly, someone else hid Ebby's body from prying eyes.


The Steppach family is planning on hosting a "celebration" of Ebby's life on Saturday (May 26) at 2:00 pm at the Little Rock Christian Academy's Christ Community Church. Anyone with any further information regarding Ebby's last days is encouraged to provide tips at (501) 404-3128.