Adult entertainer Stephanie Clifford, better known as Stormy Daniels, has been in the news a lot lately, having to do with a lawsuit against Donald Trump. Clifford confirmed that she had unprotected sex with Trump, and even took a lie detector test, in which she proved truthful about the affair. Currently, Clifford is in a battle with Trump and his attorney, Michael Cohen, about an unsigned non-disclosure agreement in which she claimed that it was invalid because he never signed the paper himself. A report by USA Today provided information for this article.

Polygraph proves Clifford’s truthfulness

Recently, a photo of Clifford taking the polygraph in May 2011 has been circling the internet after her attorney, Michael Avenatti, purchased the media for $25,000 due to the fact that other sources were trying to purchase the video and photo for, as Avenatti stated in an interview with NBC News, "nefarious purposes." According to NBC News, the suit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. Clifford had purportedly signed a "hushed agreement" prior to the presidential election in 2016. The suit refers to Donald Trump as "David Dennison" and Clifford as "Peggy Peterson." Trump didn't just meet up with Clifford once, in fact, the affair lasted from 2006 to 2007 with meetings in various hotels.


Clifford alleges that the "hush agreement" was to compensate her $130,000 to keep her tight-lipped during the presidential election and beyond, but since it was signed under a fictitious name, the agreement is on the fringe when it comes to legality. This puts Trump in a difficult position when dealing with the lawsuit.

Legal ramifications

According to the Ask-a-Lawyer site, a consequence of using fictitious names in a legal contract can not only make the agreement invalid but also have serious legal ramifications due to a breach of contract. If the reason someone signed an agreement was having to do with serious compensation, such as the $130,000 dollar agreement with Clifford, it is possible that a person could file a police report and charges could be filed accordingly.

President Trump has continuously and unsuccessfully denied all allegations that he had an affair with Clifford, even after the lie detector photos were released. President Trump is being directed to disclose the debt he owes Clifford in his financial report after running out of options in the Clifford case.