Senator Tammy Duckworth is no stranger to the spotlight. An Iraqi War veteran who lost both of her legs when her helicopter was shot down, Duckworth is the first Asian-American to represent Illinois in Washington. Not only has she gone above and beyond in her heroism to protect the United States of America, but she is now fighting for what she believes in for our country.

Working a predominately white male environment is not easy, but that does not stop Senator Duckworth from speaking her mind. She looks up to Senator Dick Durbin and former President Barack Obama, both avid supporters of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

It is evident that this Senator has big hopes and dreams for her brothers and sisters in arms as well as her fellow American citizens.

Why is the Senator making headlines now?

For one, the 50-year-old is due to give birth in April according to ABC News. This will make her the first female to give birth while in office. As a result, she is passionate about focusing on creating friendly workplace environments for mothers which will provide safe and private options for nursing. Her current situation has her questioning current maternity leave policies of The Senate. Unfortunately, the senator will be unable to take maternity leave as this will prevent her from voting on the floor, as reported by USA Today.

Furthermore, amidst the influx of reports on sexual misconduct, American citizens are looking to the government for answers; however, the government has not always been female friendly either. According to ABC News, the House did not have its first female restroom for lawmakers until 2011. The Senate has only had their female restrooms for 25 years.

Many Americans are looking to Senator Duckworth’s unique position to continue making positive changes in the government.

The senator has been vocal about her opinions of President Trump as well. She disagrees with his want for military parades as she states the American military needs leadership. ABC News reports Duckworth will not tolerate President Trump’s military views as Trump is known to have escaped five drafts during the Vietnam War.

Who is Senator Duckworth?

Senator Duckworth is making history as the first female amputee elected to Congress, as well as the first member of the Senate born in Thailand. If her ideas are welcomed by Congress, she could continue her pattern of making history. The senator has not always been this focused on the military and government though.

Duckworth did not see herself as a fighter before joining the military and becoming a respected member of the Senate. She had been going to George Washington University and planned on becoming an ambassador. When she fell in love with a cadet, her life changed. She became interested in the military and wanted to fly helicopters as she wanted the same power as men. This was also one of the few combat jobs open for women at the time. Since her shift in focus, Senator Tammy Duckworth has been providing motivation for American women everywhere.