Draining the swamp was a popular slogan during Donald Trump's presidential campaign. Everyday events have happened to make sure that the swamp is getting drained. People are questioning whether he is actually getting anything done in that regard.

Donald Trump has done a lot to make changes. He does not always get the credit that he is due. This will be a daily recap of actions that have effectively drained the swamp.

Draining the swamp: Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen is Donald Trump's own personal swamp. He was his personal attorney before he became President.

He was not offered a position in the White House.

Reportedly he wanted to be the White House Chief of Staff. He was not selected for that role. Donald Trump made a smart decision not selecting him. His business practices since Donald Trump took office have come under scrutiny.

He collected millions of dollars from his business relationship with Donald Trump. It was a surprise when Trump won the presidency. A lot of companies were stuck because they did not have a working relationship with Trump. They were scrambling, trying to establish a relationship with him.

Michael Cohen was the link to Donald Trump. He peddled his supposed knowledge to multiple corporations and lobbyist groups. He sold that relationship to the tune of 2.2 million dollars.

He accumulated that money in a period from about a month before the election.

It is a questionable business practice. Most of the companies have terminated their business relationship because he just could not provide the knowledge that they paid. He was selling his relationship with Donald Trump. Knowledge is power, but in this case it was expensive.

Good riddance, Michael Cohen.

Draining the swamp: Five ISIS leaders captured

Today, Donald Trump announced that five ISIS leaders were captured in Iraq. This is a big blow to the terrorist organization. It will take a while for them to replace that many leaders. Hopefully, this is just a taste of what is to come and finally ISIS will be defeated.

The way they were caught was by text message. One of the five had been caught earlier and the United States confiscated his phone. They used that phone to send a message to the other leaders to meet in Iraq. Surprisingly they met United States officials and were apprehended.

This drains the swamp by slowing down the war machine. War is big business and if ISIS is defeated, then the war is essentially over for the United States. Our troops will finally get to come home and be treated like heroes for defeating the enemy of the United States.

Another reason this drains the swamp is kind of a conspiracy theory. Some people believe that ISIS was created by the previous administration. It was created for strife and ensure that the war machine keeps rolling.

It is hard to believe that to be the case, but sometimes those conspiracy theories have a tendency to come true. This was a big blow to ISIS and one step closer to ending the war against terror.

Draining the swamp: Three Americans released from North Korea

This is probably one of the biggest stories of the day. Kim Jong-Un released these prisoners on the cusp of the historic summit between the United States, North Korea, and South Korea. This was a good-faith gesture that proves that he is willing to negotiate for peace on the Korean Peninsula.

This is a swamp drainer because the previous administration would have traded to get prisoners released. There was a terrible trade made for the release of one prisoner during Barack Obama's term.

Those prisoners that we traded ended up in the leadership of ISIS and still are free today.

All these prisoners have been taken hostage from 2015 to 2017. There was no effort previously to try and free these prisoners. Donald Trump placed sanctions on North Korea: Some of the harshest sanctions ever given to a country. It is not definite that those sanctions help pushed North Korea to the bargaining table, but you could make a good case that they helped.

North Korea has been on the axis of evil since President Bush back in 2001. He had seven years left and nothing. Barack Obama had eight years and nothing. Donald Trump has been in office a little over a year and now they are talking. He pushed them and now they are willing to sit down and have a discussion about ending their reign of terror.

Donald Trump has done a lot to drain the swamp. The citizens of the United States and the world need to understand his accomplishments. He is making gains on his promises and will keep delivering those promises. Donald Trump is continuing to drain the swamp and his efforts need to be applauded.