Kim Jong-un is ready to keep his side of the bargain. He is preparing to dismantle his nuclear test site, and members of the foreign media have already arrived to witness the proceedings. The countries who have been represented are U.K., Russia, China and the United States and they came by charter flight from Beijing. There is also a television crew of Associated Press. They will be accommodated in Wanson from where they will travel by train to the site.

According to Time, media persons of South Korea were supposed to be in the team but they were denied visas at Beijing.

This was Pyongyang’s method to lodge a protest against the US-South Korea military exercise.

Nuclear test site of North Korea

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are supposed to meet in Singapore for a summit on June 12 to evoke a peace formula for the Korean Peninsula. One of the conditions was that North Korea must dismantle its nuclear test site in a transparent way to show its commitment to the cause. The authorities in North Korea have indicated that work related to the dismantling will depend on the weather and will be scheduled accordingly.

Moon Jae-in, president of South Korea, had taken the initiative to arrange for the summit. However, the denial of visa to media persons of Seoul has come as a snub.

Seoul will not be able to witness the dismantling of the nuclear facilities in the North because of its involvement in the joint military exercises with the United States.

Trump says summit might be delayed

Kim Jong-un appears to be moving ahead but Donald Trump has his reservations. He is doubtful on whether the preparatory work will be completed in time.

CNN reports that the US president made these observations when he met Moon Jae-in in the Oval Office. The two leaders met there at noon before joining a larger working lunch with aides. It was a brief visit for the president of South Korea and there was no joint news conference.

There appears to be a feeling in certain sections of the administration that Kim’s attitude has changed after his latest interaction with Xi Jinping, the Chinese president.

Hence, the United States wants to move ahead with measured steps. Trump has revealed that advance teams are on the job to locate a possible venue in Singapore. However, he has his doubts on the feasibility of both the sides agreeing to mutually acceptable parameters on such short notice. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has sought to play down the apprehensions and said that June 12 was very much on the cards. He has added that if the North abandons its nuclear weapons, it could benefit from economic assistance.