Donald Trump is the president of the USA, and he has tried his best to separate his business interests from his official work. His two sons Eric and Donald Jr have stepped into his shoes. In a first, the two brothers flew down to dubai on February 17th for the opening of the golf course at Dubai.

It was the first business trip by the two sons of Donald after their father became president of the USA. By all accounts, they handled it very well. The pair declared open the Trump International golf course. The brothers were hosted by billionaire Hussain Sajwani and his partners Siraj Masand and Porush Jhunjhunwala (Indians).

The golf course is of international standard and around it is 100 Trump trademark villas. Hussain is the partner of Donald Trump in Dubai.

Sons open golf course

The brothers were in Dubai only for a day and attended an exclusive dinner party. It was a grand occasion and marks the entry of Trump in the Arab world. No wonder the foreign minister of the UAE backed the Trump ban on the seven states. Just after Donald had signed the executive order, he made it a point to immediately telephone the ruler of Abu Dhabi, as he did to the king of Saudi Arabia.

The ban has been stayed by the courts in the USA, but Donald only selected seven poor and impoverished countries who had never attacked or committed any terrorist attack against the USA, except Iran.

With Iran, there is a long-simmering historical conflict after the US-supported Shah of Iran fled the country.

Dubai is one of the fastest growing metropolis cities in the world and is also a great financial center. It is good business sense to invest in Dubai, and this Donald has done. American Gil Hanse has designed the Dubai Trump golf course.

He had earlier helped lay the 2016 Olympic golf course. The brothers were happy to be in Dubai and are now looking after the Trump business empire.

Last comment

The Trump brand sells in Dubai as can be seen from the fact that each of the villas around the golf course sells for $9.5 million. Trump's association with Dubai commenced four years back, and now he is very deeply entrenched. He recently turned down a $ 2 billion deal as well. Though Trump is president, one can be sure his hand will still be behind his sons.