In yet another mass shooting in the United States, several deaths have been reported at a high school in Houston, Texas. In response, Donald Trump gave his thoughts but was quickly met with backlash from critics.

Trump on Texas shooting

In what has become routine in the United States, another mass shooting has occurred. On Friday morning at Santa Fe High School in Houston, Texas, a suspect reportedly opened fire. According to CBS News, the suspect pulled the school fire alarm in the hallway before running outside.

Shots reportedly began in an art class room, before spilling out in the hallway where "almost 20 shots" were fired according to one student in attendance. Local Houston station KHOU and the Houston Chronicle are reporting multiple deaths and injuries, though the suspect, who has yet to be identified, has been "arrested and secured," according to school Assistant Principal Cris Richardson.

As expected, Donald Trump responded to the news with a tweet on May 18.

"School shooting in Texas. Early reports not looking good," Trump tweeted out, before adding, "God bless all!" Within minutes, Melania Trump also sent out her thoughts on Twitter, writing, "My heart goes out to Santa Fe and all of Texas today." As expected, those who oppose the commander in chief decided to sound off with their thoughts.

Twitter reacts

Following Donald Trump's tweet, critics wasted no time hitting back on social media. "Make sure to call your handlers at the NRA to find out what they want you to do to make sure nothing gets done," one tweet read.

"To hell with your thoughts and prayers.

They aren't working. Better gun reform NOW," a Twitter user wrote. ""Not looking good?" What a fu*k! Why don't you do something about it? Not looking good? Jesus, lord Jesus," another tweet added. "Do something!!!! This tweet is absolutely meaningless," an additional tweet noted. "You should have addresses this two hours ago when it started instead of complaining about the investigation that is bringing everybody around you down," a post added.

"Hope some of those students join the Parkland protesters and protest for stronger gun regulations," a social media user wrote.

"God bless all? How about some gun control? Universal medical so people can afford mental help? I’m sure this shooting occupied abut 20 seconds of your time, just enough to write this tweet," a follow-up tweet read. The backlash continued to pour in as yet another school shooting rocks the nation.