As known, YouTube attacker Nasim Najafi Aghdam was a social media star, and it happens that she was admired and ridiculed in Iran. She was known as “Green Nasim” on YouTube and Instagram and had a huge following. Reports by the New York Times provided all of the information used in this article.

Green Nasim posted videos in three languages, Persian, Turkish, and English, which proved to be pretty effective in reaching out to a nice large audience. In her videos, she claimed she was from a small town in Iran called Urmia, near Turkey. She also claimed to be of a minority faith in Iran called Baha’i.

The social media star was quite popular in the way that she fit the stereotype in a Muslim nation like Iran. Perhaps that was her schtick. While producing wild and quite bizarre videos on YouTube and Instagram, she was able to gain a big audience due to her wacky videos.

In one video, she responded that she was not mentally ill. Green Nasim had released this specific video to answer many of her followers’ questions. Most of the question were directed to her, asking if she truly was mentally ill. In the end, the social media star was ridiculed in Iran while having a lot of followers.

Green Nasim’s crime

The social media star attacked a YouTube office in San Bruno with a Smith & Wesson nine-millimeter, semiautomatic handgun on Tuesday afternoon (April 3).

Green Nasim decided to park her car next to the office building and entered through the parking garage.

The first area in which Nasim walked into, once inside the office building, was the lunch area of the building. She wounded three people and decided to turn the gun on herself before being confronted by the authorities.

The motive behind the attack is not clear.

However, authorities believe that Nasim was upset at YouTube’s policies and practices. It was also reported that the San Bruno office was beginning to develop a better security protocol to deal with cases like the one it had experienced with Nasim.

Nasim’s problem with YouTube

In recent weeks before the attack, Aghdam had told her family that she was angry with YouTube because the site was cutting her pay and censoring her videos.

The social media star known as Green Nasim had also posted a video on YouTube criticising the site for not allowing one of her workout videos to be viewed.

Aghdam also claimed that Google altered her site so it would not come up in searches. She claimed that her link would come up with a message that an error occurred. She claims that her site was altered by Google with an error message, so people would be discouraged from visiting.

Bizarre site

Green Nasim had some pretty weird videos on YouTube and had some graphic material on her website. It is reported that it the site had graphic pics of slaughtered animals in protest not wearing fur jackets.

In conclusion, the bizarre manners of her expressions through social media caught the eye of many people. However, it was seen as silly, and the social media star Green Nasim was ridiculed a lot because of it.