For over a year Donald Trump has been dealing with increased allegations of colluding with Russia, but has done his best to deflect the scandal as part of his defense. In his latest pair of posts on social media, the president has decided to call out the Department of Justice and the FBI.

Trump on FBI, DOJ

Just weeks after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States, several well-respected news outlets and government agencies came to the conclusion that Russia hacked into the 2016 election.

As time moved forward, Russia was not only accused of hacking the election, but was also exposed for having the goal of getting Trump into office. Since then, Trump has denied any-wrong doing, pushing back against any allegations linking himself to the Kremlin, often repeating the phrase "no collusion," while labeling the reports as "fake news."

As seen on his Twitter feed on April 7, Donald Trump is going on the attack against the FBI and the DOJ just as the Russian investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller heats up.

"Lawmakers of the House Judiciary Committee are angrily accusing the Department of Justice of missing the Thursday Deadline for turning over UNREDACTED Documents relating to FISA abuse, FBI, Comey, Lynch, McCabe, Clinton Emails and much more," Trump tweeted, before adding, "Slow walking - what is going on? BAD!"

Not stopping there, Donald Trump doubled down just minutes later in his attack.

"What does the Department of Justice and FBI have to hide?" Trump wondered. "Why aren’t they giving the strongly requested documents (unredacted) to the HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE? Stalling, but for what reason? Not looking good!" he asked.

Twitter backlash

After Donald Trump went on his Twitter rant, critics of the president made sure to hit back.

"WORST 'president' EVER! A COMPLETE DISGRACE TO OUR NATION!" one tweet read.

"Reveal your tax returns then....talking of people having stuff to hide," one Twitter user wrote.

"Why are you asking random citizens? This is your version of talking (crazy) to yourself? Where are you getting this information? You are getting briefed by Propaganda Fox News again, aren't you? It makes you look like an idiot. Take some time off," a tweet added.

"Who knows!

Maybe it's like you and your tax returns!?" a social media user wrote. "By the way the Republicans hired Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein is the one in charge of putting you in prison, Trey Gowdy Knows you’re guilty," a follow-up tweet added.