As Friday night came to a close, Donald Trump once again returned to Twitter to vent his frustrations against James Comey. Following his tweet, Trump was mocked for forgetting to proofread and making an embarrassing error.

Trump's grammar blunder

Over the last two years, former FBI Director James Comey has come under fire from both liberals and conservatives.

Democrats first pointed the finger of blame at Comey during the end of the 2016 presidential election, with many criticizing his decision to highlight Hillary Clinton's email controversy just two weeks before Election. Fast forward to present day and it's conservatives who are pushing back, which kicked into high gear in May when he was fired by Donald Trump. With Comey releasing his book "A Higher Truth" next week, and with a memo of his private conversations with the president just released to Congress, Trump was not happy heading into the weekend.

In a tweet on April 20, Donald Trump ripped into James Comey but quickly became the source of a humor after using the incorrect form of the word "counsel." "James Comey illegally leaked classified documents to the press in order to generate a Special Council?" Trump tweeted.

"Therefore, the Special Council was established based on an illegal act?" he wondered, while concluding, "Really, does everybody know what that means?" In response to Trump's Twitter blunder, critics of the president made sure to point out the mistake.

Trump's correction

Within minutes of Donald Trump's tweet, it didn't take long before those who oppose the commander in chief to fire back.

"It's 'Counsel.' We've told you so so so many times before. You might have to go to jail for this. I'm sorry," CNN's Joan Walsh tweeted back.

"You might be more convincing if you proofread your tweets," David Corn of the Nation wrote.

"You just can't seem to spell counsel correctly. Is that a Wharton thing?" another Twitter user added. "I thought it was spelled Counsel, my bad you have the 'best words," an additional tweet read with mockery.

"Finish your Cheeseburgers, take your Meds, and go to sleep.

Illegal is one word that should never pass your lips unless you're speaking about you, your kids, your son-in-law, or your GOP," a social media user wrote. "Counsil: advisory, legislative or deliberative body of people who meet regularly COUNSEL: lawyer or lawyers conducting a case. A case against YOU. Are you illiterate? Illiterate: unable to read or write," a follow-up tweet pointed out.