James Comey's memoir "A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership" is making waves. The book has already been classified as a best seller by Amazon and is expected to a garner a readership of millions. The success of the book and some unsavory facts that it brings out about the conduct of the president has infuriated him. He and his supporters have taken to Twitter to castigate Comey and paint his account as "lies." Trump has also tweeted that The Ex-CIA chief is the " worst director in CIA history."

Comey has hit back hard at Trump and in a measured interview to ABC news has opined that Trump is "morally unfit" to be president.

Yahoo News has reported that Comey's book brings out that he is right and this is not the end of the Comey saga, and it is possible he may emerge later on as a strong player in the political field and even run for president.

All this looks unlikely now, but everybody said the same thing about Trump as well.

James Comey

Comey in all his interviews comes out as a posh and slick person. He looks serious and makes his points in an emphatic manner. On the other hand, Trump by his tweets comes out as a hysterical person. Perhaps if he had not reacted so strongly to Comey and his book he would have earned brownie points against the Ex- CIA director.

Trump's reaction has raised the level of curiosity of the average person in America and abroad and is a factor in the book becoming a best seller.

Many are wondering whether Trump has something to hide. Readers are buying the book in hundreds of thousands to try and get a ringside view of what happened in the White House.

Trump reacts

Trump has used strong language on Twitter against the Ex- CIA Director. He had sacked him summarily while he was away on an official tour.

His reasoning probably was that the "Russian connection" allegations would be nipped in the bud.

Comey in his book brings out some unsavory facts about encounters between him and Trump on the Russian angle. Unknown to Trump, Comey took notes of his conversations with Trump, and these have helped him bring out some very uncharitable facts about the president.


Comey has expanded his opinion of the president is unfit to rule by stating that in case a man talks and treats women like they are " pieces of meat" and lies constantly is not fit to be president of the United States.

Comey has also opined that there is evidence of "obstruction of justice." These are serious allegations, and Trump is skating on thin ice. Nobody is sure about the future least of all Trump himself, and he is fighting back to save his presidency.