James Comey was fired by Donald trump in the hope that the "Russian connection" will die away. Despite this, It has not happened and the Ex-CIA director has written a Book "A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership. " The book is published and Trump is incensed as he feels it is a threat to him. The book has also made Comey an overnight sensation. Comey in his book has touched on many subjects that have a lot of interest to people all over the world. Trump is a man who always goes on the offensive and he has taken to Twitter to castigate Comey as "unreliable" and "the worst director in FBI history." The book is an Amazon-listed best seller, according to Euro news, as everybody wants to know about Trump and the salacious tales surrounding him, in particular, his "exploits" in Moscow.

The Hill has reported that Comey in his book brings out evidence of "obstruction" of justice by Trump

Moscow incident.

Comey writes in his book that he found the president obsessed with the Moscow story.To be fair, the author does not present the incident as a gospel truth but only hints at it, but the author does make innuendos about the Moscow incident. Trump's anger against the revelations was inevitable as Trump would not like the details of the episode to be leaked, as it affected his credibility. His anger is normal as such stories do not die away and one will probably hear more about them in time to come. Who knows if the Russians had not made a video? Nobody can tell. The entire incident at the moment is speculation but truth has many ways of emerging.

CNN has written that Comey brings out in his book that Trump was obsessed with the incident in Moscow.

Trump like a mob boss?

Comey makes a very damning comparison of Trump with the boss of a mob; the type of people he chased all his life. In an interview, he also said that Trump was "morally unfit to rule."

Such comparisons are not to the liking of the president.

He and his supporters have taken to Twitter to discredit the book. One cannot pass judgment on what Comey has written, but a lot of facts are out in the public domain.

Russian connection

The "Russian Connection" is alive and kicking and many eminent personages like General McCaffrey have opined that Trump has certainly something to hide.

Trump is trying to show that he is tough on Russia by passing harsh strictures. This is dangerous, as through his effort to show he has nothing to do with Russia, his brinkmanship could well lead to war. Trump may not mind it but the West better beware.

In the meantime, Comey can bask in the success of his book as a best seller. He will earn millions and that will give him some satisfaction but Trump won't be happy with the huge success of the book and the readership it will generate.