Storms and flash floods have disrupted lives in Hawaii, and hundreds of people have been airlifted to safer places to save them from the floodwaters. Many more are believed to be stranded in evacuation centers. The U.S. Army and National Guard are organizing the evacuation in coordination with local authorities. landslides have blocked many of the roads, utility poles have been uprooted, and water pipelines are damaged in some places.

USA Today reports that according to Coralie Matayoshi, CEO of the American Red Cross of Hawaii, some people are awaiting rescue in the northeastern region.

Assessment of damages will be taken up after the weather clears and roads are cleared of blockages.

Rescue efforts on a war footing

The storm in Hawaii has thrown life out of gear. The first and foremost work is to clear the debris and make the roads fit for travel because landslides and Flash Floods have littered the roads and damaged the basic infrastructure. Many of the roads are closed, including on the island’s North Shore. Apart from uprooted trees and electrical poles, there are damages to water lines which means there will be problems for drinking water. Health officials have advised the residents to avoid the water which may be contaminated.

According to the National Weather Service, rainfall of 28.1 inches was recorded in the North Shore town of Hanalei.

The earlier record here was 28.54 inches in 2012. There are no reports of injuries but, the floods have washed away some vacant houses on the North Shore. This storm has been described as the worst in recent memory, and some compared it with Hurricane Iniki in 1992.

Can such floods be stopped?

The storm and floods in Hawaii are examples of the vagaries of nature as a result of global warming.

This issue has to be controlled because it is the cause of all evil. It throws all calculations out of the window. Some areas experience drought conditions that lead to wildfires and destruction of the green cover. In other areas, there is unseasonal rainfall accompanied by landslides and flash floods that damage the infrastructure.

Another aspect is sea level rise due to the melting of ice at the poles. The rise of this nature could displace habitation from the coastal areas. Therefore, in order to ensure a life free from flash floods and sudden storms, the use of fossil fuels must be discouraged. They create the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming, and the world must embrace alternatives.