It seems like every week, so far this year, there has been yet another school shooting in the United States. According to CNN, there has been on average one school shooting every week this year. From 2010 to March 2018, there have been 146 school shootings in the United States. There have been 158 deaths and 246 injuries from the same period. January seems to be the most active month, with a record of 34 shooting occurrences during the same time frame. This ranges from kindergarten to college/university level.

Check out this video to see how often school shootings appear to be occurring in the year so far.

How can we fix this problem?

A change in Vermont gun laws enacted on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, is proving to be effective in stopping school shooters. According to The Hill, "Gov. Phil Scott signed into law new restrictions on gun ownership, which included new background check requirements, age restrictions on gun purchases, and a ban on bump stocks." A separate bill is also now in place that allows courts and law enforcement to take guns away from those who deemed threatening to themselves or others.

This extreme risk protection order has, most recently, been placed on Jack Sawyer. According to The Hill, "Sawyer allegedly created a plan for a shooting at Fair Haven Union High School." He also has a diary personally titled "Journal of an Active Shooter."

The superintendent of Fair Haven Union High School said more security measures have been put in place in order to protect the students from events like the one Sawyer had planned and any future incidents.

This includes a swipe-card access system for entry to the school and additional police presence.

Why should we change?

Clearly, there needs to be some change in gun laws in order to keep people safe. While some may believe that guns are that safety and protection, others can see the danger that comes from guns. The state of Vermont is proving that some restrictions on guns can create a positive change.

This does not mean that all guns will be taken away or banned in the United States. It just means that regulations are needed.

Scott spoke on his decision to sign the bills despite the state's history of resisting Gun Regulation.

"If we had not even tried to reduce the possibility of a tragedy here in Vermont like Parkland or Virginia Tech, Aurora, Las Vegas, Orlando, Sandy Hook, Dallas, or Charleston," Scott said, "if we didn't try to reduce suicide and the pain felt by the families left behind, or if we didn't try to prevent another death from domestic violence and another child growing up without a mom — that would be hard to live with."