The issue of Illegal Immigration has been back in the news ever since Donald Trump signed his executive order to send military troops to the border in promotion of his wall. After making controversial remarks on the issue and tossing his prepared speech off the stage during a stop in West Virginia, the president was met with criticism.

Trump on borderwall

It started back in June 2015 on the floor of Trump Tower in New York City.

That's when Donald Trump, with his family by his side, announced his plan to run for president while quickly creating headlines by referring to illegal immigrants as "rapists" and "murderers." In the two and a half years that have followed, Trump's continued to use immigration reform as one of his top talking points, vowing to have Mexico pay for a border wall, while floating the idea of mass deportation and pushing back against the Daca program. On Wednesday, Trump's executive order pushed for troops to head to the border, causing even more divide among the American people.

As reported by ABC News on April 5, Donald Trump made his way to West Virginia to take part in a round-table discussion about tax reform, but ended up in a rant about immigration.

"We cannot let people enter our country. We have no idea who they are, what they do, where they came from," Trump said, while adding, "We don't know if they are murderers, if they're killers, if they're MS-13."

Donald Trump then doubled down on a remark he made during his campaign announcement by accusing illegal immigrants of committing mass sexual assault.

"I used the word rape and yesterday it came out where this journey coming up, women are raped at levels that nobody's ever seen before," Trump claimed, before adding, "They (media) don't want to mention that." When it was time to read his planned speech, the president threw the pages off the stage and said, "I'm reading off the first paragraph, I said, 'This is boring.' Come on.

We have to tell it like it is.'"

Twitter reaction

After Donald Trump's remarks on immigration, those who oppose the commander in chief didn't waste anytime giving their response. "The gift that keeps on giving, thank you uneducated and whack job voters," one tweet read.

"And Trump is an expert on rape. His own wife accused him of rape," a Twitter user wrote. "Plenty of them mention sexual assault- he just calls them liars...." a tweet went on to read.

"And this coming from a sexual predator himself. So sick of this man already!" another tweet pointed out.

"This ladies and gentleman is the President of the USA. We can't go any lower," a social media user tweeted. "The depth and breadth of this man's ignorance is astonishing," a follow-up tweet read.