In recent weeks, Donald Trump has caused massive panic in the stock market and around the world due to his recent economic and trade policy proposals. Despite the negative reaction, the president's son has decided to come to his defense.

Don Jr. on Twitter

Throughout the entire 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump made sure to hit back at china as one of his top talking points, accusing the rival nation of unfair trade policies that have had a negative impact on the United States.

Fast forward to present day and Trump recently announced tariffs on China that resulted in a drop in the stock market as well an angry retaliation from government officials. Despite this, talks of a trade war have remained in the headlines, though China did announce that they would soon lower their tariffs on auto imports.

When the news broke of Chinese President Xi Jinping announcement on auto import tariffs, Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter on April 10 to gloat about his father. "Amazed we've never addressed this before, I mean we’ve only been taken advantage of for decades...I wonder what changed?" Don Jr. sarcastically tweeted. "It’s nice to have someone with resolve as POTUS finally," he added, while concluding, "Thanks Donald Trump." Within minutes of his praise of his father, those who oppose the current administration wasted no time chiming in.

Trump backlash

After Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about his father's trade war with China, critics decided to respond. "Quick FYI: Your dad’s lawyer was raided by the FBI today.. with a search warrant, issued by a judge your father appointed, because he found cause to believe a crime may have been committed," one tweet read.

"So you missed the part of the article where the President of China made a statement not related to the Trump Trade War directly which helped to rally the markets around the world?" a Twitter user wrote.

"Nope. 'Daddy' still doesn't love you," another tweet added. "Quick, get your last few tweets in before prison," yet another tweet stated.

"We didn't have an issue until your idiot of a father became president, a social media tweeted out.

"His inexperience as well as his people he surrounds himself with who are in a lot of inexperienced as he is...have hurt a lot of people. Being a criminal on top of that will be his demise. You too Grasshopper,"a follow-up tweet added. The backlash continued as the rift between the Trump family and the majority of the United States continued.