On Tuesday afternoon, a shooting took place at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California. Once the identity of the suspect was revealed, Donald Trump's son quickly voiced his thoughts on social media.

Don Jr. on YouTube shooting

In yet another example of a shooting in the United States, 39-year-old Nasim Najafi Aghdam of San Diego, California walked into the headquarters of YouTube and opened fire.

Several employees were shot before frantic calls were made to 911. As the police arrived, Aghdam killed herself by a self-inflicted gun shot wound. According to local authorities, Aghdam had been angry with the social media platform for demonetizing her videos, alleging prejudice and bias against them. Reports also note that Aghdam's father had warned the police about his daughter, who then spoke to her prior to the shooting.

Since then, both the political left and right have reported on the YouTube shooting, but have done so in a different way to fit their particular narrative.

Conservatives were quick to point out that the shooter was both a female and a Muslim, using that to push back against the usual narrative of shooters being profiled as white men. In response, Donald Trump Jr. doubled down during an April 4 tweet. "You think there’s any chance whatsoever that a mass shooters hateful Instagram and YouTube channels would be pulled immediately if they were NRA members" Donald Jr.

wondered, before mocking the shooter for allegedly being "liberal" and a member of "PETA."

Twitter backlash

After Donald Trump Jr's tweet about the YouTube shooting, critics of the Trump family and administration made sure to hit back. "Then why did the NRA delete their tweet? Do you think your wife would take you back if she realized you only cheated once and not several times like your father?" one tweet asked.

"This celebration you are having over a shooting is in rather poor taste Donny," a Twitter user wrote. "Three people were just shot and the President's son is railing against Vegans on Twitter," another tweet added. "Aren't you single now?

What are you doing on Twitter not having s*x with overpriced escorts like dear old daddy?" a tweet wondered.

"Idiot Jr. and a cheater to boot. Chip off the old block," a social media user wrote. "Oh shut up, you idiot. This is your fourth or fifth tweet TONIGHT saying the exact same nonsense. Just remember this the next time you open your damn yap about LIBERALS politicizing shootings," an additional tweet noted.