Two Severed Heads belonging to women who had red hair have been discovered in different states and today police are probing the cases for a possible link. Two unidentified women were decapitated and their heads were found in plastic bags not far from busy highways in Louisiana and Texas a few weeks apart. The distance between the two areas is about 150 miles.

Authorities in both states are looking into a link between the two cases because of the similarities. Both women were Redheads and the procedures used in the decapitations were similar. They were discovered in similar areas under similar circumstances as well, as both heads were discovered by cleanup crews.

Discovery of severed heads

The first head was discovered on March 1 in Lousiana, near Calcasieu Lake. The second head was discovered in Texas in similar surroundings near Lake Houston on March 24.

According to the New York Post, a cleanup crew, working in Lousiana alongside Highway 27 in Cameron Parish, found the first severed head. The crew consisted of inmates from a local prison and it was one of the inmates that happened across a plastic bag with a severed head inside.

Both women are still unidentified prompting the Houston Police Department to release a forensic artist's sketch of the woman's head found in Texas.

The sketch was released in hopes that someone would recognize the woman.

So far there's been no sketch released in the Lousiana case, but authorities there say the woman was killed within the previous few months before the head was discovered. The woman's head in Louisiana was found first.

Cleanup crew discovery

The inmate on the cleanup crew found the head near a recreation vehicle park in Lousiana.

The Texas severed head was found under similar circumstances. A crew of volunteers was cleaning up an area off a highway when a bag containing the head of a woman with red hair was found.

According to the Irish Post, the woman whose head was found in Louisiana was white and between the age of 25 and 40 years old. She had reddish/brown hair that was about 10 to 12 inches long.

The woman whose head was found in Texas is also believed to be white and somewhere in age between adulthood and middle age, according to a report by both US and World News. Both women are also reported to have "good teeth."

'Ginger killer' link

The Irish Post has dubbed this killer the "Ginger killer" in the headline of their article regarding the discovery of the two heads. The police don't have much to go on, but the authorities in both states are sharing what they've learned from each case, so far, as they believe there could be a possible link between the two killings.

A man was seen throwing a plastic bag into Calcasieu Lake off a bridge a few weeks before the first severed head was found in Lousiana near that lake. He is described as someone in his early to mid-20s. The man was seen driving a Chevy Silverado that was blueish-green.