Since the last press briefing at the White House, the administration has been in the uncomfortable situation of dealing with a wide-range of controversial issues. After Sarah Huckabee Sanders did her best to deal with the press, she quickly faced backlash across social media for targeting former President Barack Obama.

Sanders on Obama

Over the last week, Donald Trump has found himself back in the headlines due to a variety of reasons.

As the week came to a close, the news broke that Trump would soon meet with Kim Jong-un to discuss North Korea's nuclear program. Over the weekend, the president also made headlines during a controversial rally for GOP candidate in Pennsylvania, Rick Saccone, where he personally attacked "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd, as well as Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, and Oprah Winfrey. Despite this, the issue of gun control remains a major issue that still hovers over the president.

This issue was addressed during the March 12 press briefing with Sarah Huckabee Sanders where the press secretary outlined Donald Trump's plan to help improve gun safety, which include "hardening our schools," "strengthening background checks and prevention," "reform mental health programs" and "continuing the support and conversation." When Sanders was pressed on where Trump stood on raising the age limit for certain guns, she replied, "we're pushing forward on the things that have support, that can be accomplished immediately."

Not stopping there, Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared frustrated with the questions and decided to blame the Obama administration for not doing more on the issue.

"Let's not forget that the Obama administration had the White House and all of Congress for two years and never did anything," Sanders said.

Twitter reaction

Following Sarah Huckabee Sanders remarks about Obama, critics of the administration wasted no time firing back. "Has she forgotten that the Republican Congress blocked everything he tried to do?" one tweet read.

"Always blaming Obama.

Just disgusting," a Twitter user wrote. "I wish (SHS) press briefing were later in the day. Would be more believable if I was taking shots! drinking game shot every time she says 'look,'" yet another tweet added.

"(SHS) says Obama WH didn’t accomplish anything between 2009 and 2011, and apparently completely ignored Obama’s first two years in office.

(Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, I could go on)" Jeremy Binckes tweet out. "That’s because the speaker of the house Boehner and his cronies kept getting in the way! Same old sh*t, different toilet.," a follow-up tweet went on to note.