Once the news broke that Donald Trump would soon meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un over the country's nuclear program, speculation quickly increased. After Sarah Huckabee Sanders elaborated on the story, she quickly faced mockery.

Sanders on Kim Jong-un

The relationship between the United States and North Korea has never been strong, and has only become worse over the last year.

Donald Trump appeared to have increased tensions since his election due to his controversial remarks about Kim Jong-un, most notably over his use of the now infamous "Rocket Man" nickname. Despite this, stunning news was announced on Thursday night noting that Trump and Kim have agreed to meet by May to discuss the possibility of North Korea becoming denuclearized.

Critics of the president raised their concerns, which were addressed and elaborated on further during the Friday White House press briefing, as reported by CBS News on March 9.

As expected, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was grilled on the upcoming meeting, saying Trump was "hopeful" about the outcome, while saying that "We are not in the negotiation right now. We have accepted the invitation to talk based on them following through with concrete actions on the promises they have made."

After being asked whether or not Donald Trump would push for the release of three American journalists in North Korea as part of the deal, Sarah Sanders simply replied, "That's something we'll continue advocating for and pushing for." CBS News reporter Chip Reid then pressed further, asking "Isn't the president giving Kim Jong-un exactly what he wants, which is respect and stature on the international stage?" As expected, Sanders doubled down on her defense of Trump, answering, "Not at all.

The president is getting what he wants. He is getting the opportunity to have the North Koreans denuclearize."

Sanders slandered

After fielding questions on North Korea, Sarah Huckabee Sanders faced immediate scrutiny across social media. "Remember this is the guy who invited Dennis Rodman. Trump is in the same category of egotistical petulance," one tweet read.

"Sarah slanders is at it again. Fire her," a Twitter user wrote. "Does Trump really think he alone can make that happen? He's going to go in there and pound his chest and KJU will show him just what an old buffoon he really is," an additional tweet noted.

"Sarah Huckabee Sanders always looks like she just sh*t her pants and is worried someone will notice," a social media user added. "SHS is among the worst liars of this administration. The tell is her snarky delivery and eye twitch," yet another tweet stated.