Former President Barrack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are all set to take on new roles in the next chapter of their life. The couple is negotiating a deal with Netflix to produce a series of shows that reflect their views on life and bring a certain positivity to the day to day lives of every American citizen.

The difference these shows could make

With Americans subject to incidents such as Florida Parkland shooting, Trump-Kim Jong Un rivalry, the increased tariffs on aluminum and steel and the growing rate of negativity in the country, the people are surely looking out for some inspiration and motivation.

This is where the Obamas come in, according to a report published in New York Times the couple is planning to produce shows that narrates inspirational stories of people to the world and try and bring about a small change in the world if not too great.

While most of the shows these days are based on Trump's antiques in the White House, it is being reported that the Obamas will shy away from that topic. However, this does not mean that topics like healthcare, foreign policy, gun control, immigration and climate change won't be discussed on these shows. The Obamas are ready for a healthy debate on the topic which would eventually make people aware of the intricacies of the system with a former President being at the center of it all.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama could be seen educating the viewers about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the nutrition that is required for the same. The Obamas are also looking forward to sponsoring shows that actually showcase the values that they believe in.

Why the Obamas chose Netflix?

Apart from over a 100 million subscribers what was the motivation that led to the Obamas into negotiating a deal with Netflix rather than Amazon or Apple who hold a similar user base across the world.

In recent times, it has been observed that the Netflix users are not rating obsessed and are more open to different kind of shows that break the stereotypes. Netflix is slowly becoming renowned for taking bold decisions of not publishing content just for ratings' sake which is one of the most important reasons that the Obamas opted for the popular streaming service.

With that being said, the California based streaming service has laid aside a whopping $8 billion for producing original content. Barrack Obama and family have quite a reputation in the international market when it comes to money and has been reported to hold over $60 million memoir deals.

However, the road to success on this path is tricky and rough. Former politicians entering the entertainment business has not gone down well in the past and people's reaction to Obama's special appearance on the David Letterman show in 2015 are also quite unconvincing. But the universal love for the former President means that things could end up differently this time and could be advantageous for the world and also Netflix who could end up with an even larger number of subscribers than it already has.