Over the last week and through the weekend, Donald Trump has faced an onslaught criticism due to a variety of issues plaguing the administration. After Sarah Huckabee Sanders did her best to defend the president, those who oppose the administration wasted no time firing back.

Sanders on Trump

With a new week starting off, Donald Trump is still being forced to deal with many issues and scandals.

The aftermath of the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida remains a hot topic, with both sides of the gun control debate not willing to give an inch. The recent resignation of White House Communications Director Hope Hicks has also been a thorn in the side of the president, which became a source of comedy during the Academy Awards and on "Saturday Night Live." In addition, Trump's recent comments on trade and remarks made by a former aide that have also caused a fiery reaction.

As the drama in and outside the White House continued, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took questions from reporters on March 5.

Sanders was asked about the recent comments made by former Trump aide Sam Nunberg who said of the president, "I think that he may have done something during the election. I don't know that for sure." "He doesn't know that for sure because he's incorrect. As we've said many times before, there's been no collusion with the Trump campaign," Sanders noted, before taking a shot at Nunberg's "lack of knowledge." Nunberg has been subpoenaed by Russian investigation special counsel Robert Mueller, but is refusing to testify.

On the issue of Donald Trump's comments on trade, Sarah Sanders dismissed the rift between the White House and House Speaker Paul Ryan. "We have a great relationship with Speaker Ryan. We're going to continue to have one, but that doesn't mean we have to agree on everything," Sanders said, before adding, "We haven't actually fully rolled out all of the details, so therefore it would be hard for me to say that they're going to change."

Twitter reaction

As Sarah Huckabee Sanders was predictably defending Donald Trump, critics of the White House made sure not to hold back their thoughts.

"(SHS) just starting the Monday Liars Poker Club. Tune in and count the lies!" one tweet read.

"They shoved Sarah Huckabee Sanders out to the podium asap but it was too late, the Nunberg call had ended," a Twitter user wrote. "Will someone please remind (SHS) that the people of the United States did not choose Trump. The electoral college did.

Hillary won the popular vote," another tweet added.

"Life was so much more peaceful when Sarah Huckabee Sanders was in South Korea. I didn't have to listen to her lie wall-to-wall at her daily," a social media user noted.

"Watching (SHS) exploit vets in an attempt to preempt any questions about Trump's trade war/flip flops on gun control/announced desire to be president for life/cabinet and campaign indictments/failure to make a deal on DACA/obvious conspiracy with Russia. Gross," an additional tweet added.