It’s no secret that Kim Jung-un cannot be trusted, but Donald Trump has accepted the invitation to a meeting to make peace. This meeting has been set for May 2018.

Trump and Kim Jung-un are one step closer to making peace

North Korea has sent invitations over the past 20 years for meetings to take place with the previous US presidents to try to get an agreement to be treated as an equal, but no one has ever accepted this agreement until now. This meeting is supposed to create a permanent halt to all conflicts between the United States, Japan, China, Russia, and South Korea.

While Japan welcomes the idea of “peace” between the two countries, North Korea news says Donald Trump is not letting down his guard; “sanctions will stay in place until an agreement is made." Due to the lack of trust between North Korea and the United States, The Daily Beast believes this is nothing but a trap for Donald Trump. While knowing that the United States and South Korea will continue with their military practices, Kim Jung-un still agrees to freeze any nuclear missile tests.

Can North Korea be trusted?

It is crazy to think, with threats being thrown back and forth for years, that Kim Jung-un suddenly wants to make peace between the two countries, but only if the United States promises security measures for North Korea.

In August 2017, Trump threatened Kim Jung-un by telling him to expect “fire, fury, frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before." Kim Jung-un recently responded in January 2018 with a threat of blowing up the United States, “with the button on his table at all times,” according to Fox news. How can we expect the United States and North Korea to make peace knowing the history between the two countries?

South Korea’s National Security Advisor, Heyon Chung met with Donald Trump on Thursday (March 8) promising North Korea would freeze any nuclear missile tests and is committed to denuclearization. Chung claims that Donald Trump’s “leadership” and the pressure he has expressed on North Korea is what has brought the two countries to this next step of making peace.

The steps that have been taken by Kim Jung-un and Donald Trump are historic, but the two countries are still a long way from accomplishing their goals. The good news out of all this is that the United States has assurance right now that Kim Jung-un is not going to push that button on his desk and blow up the United States, yet it could be only temporary. Kim Jung-un cannot be trusted and he has shown this many times in the past.