Today is National Puppy day! With daily holidays popping up more and more, today’s special day is great for all animal lovers - especially ones who love dogs. Yes, March 23 is all about honoring man's best friend, but it also is a great way to draw some much-needed attention to many problems that millions of animals experience in today’s society.

How and why it all got started

National puppy day was created back in 2016 by one of the biggest animal activists in the world, Colleen Paige.

So, what is the purpose of having a day dedicated to the little guys? To encourage folks to adopt a puppy from one of the many thousands of shelters or rescue groups across the country.

Paige, a Celebrity Pet & Home Lifestyle Expert, along with being a top-selling author, also created several other holidays solely intended to draw attention to helping out our furry friends. National Dog Day, National Cat Day, National Horse Protection Day and National Wildlife Day are just a few.

With literally millions of pups all across the globe just waiting to find a home, you won’t find a more passionate person than Paige when it comes to choosing a shelter dog over say a big chain pet store.


Looking for that special way to celebrate National Puppy Day?

According to National Puppy Day's official website, there are tons of different things you can do that will make a big difference in helping out the dog community.

First and foremost, adopt a puppy. Not only will you be giving a loving dog a forever home, but you may just find your new best friend!

According to an ABC report, in honor of National Puppy Day, ABC7 News in San Francisco, California is launching a big adoption event today with their partners, Perfect Pet, to help dogs at local agencies find forever homes.

Many other shelters will also be holding adoption events in honor of National Puppy Day today all across the US. If you are interested in adopting a new dog, be sure to contact your local shelter.

If you just can’t adopt at this time, no worries. You can still do several things to help out. You can make a donation to your local animal shelter, and donations are not just limited to money.

Many shelters would gladly accept toys, a bag of dog food, an old blanket or two or even just an hour of your time.

Many shelters are at or over capacity would love if you could just donate an hour or two of your time and lend a helping hand by stopping in and walking a dog or just taking time out to play with them. Sounds simple, but pitching in on even the simplest and smallest things can really help out at a shelter.

For a ton more info and different ways that you can help celebrate man's best friend be sure to head over to