The fall from grace has been exceptionally drastic for Nicholas Worthy. In 2016, Worthy was named as the "Law Enforcement Officer of the Year" by the Florida Sheriff's Association. Now, less than two years later, he is unemployed and is facing several criminal charges, including Child neglect and possession of narcotics.

Worthy's ordeal began on Thursday, when police officers entered Worthy's property located in Rockledge, Florida. According to Fox News, the former Bevard County Deputy lived with his girlfriend, Rachel Trexler, three dogs, and the couple's two-year-old child.

Inside, arresting officers found what they called an "absolutely disgusting" scene. Bevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey described the home as being cluttered with trash, food, guns, ammunition, and drug paraphernalia.

It also appears that Worthy's home was covered in feces. "I can't tell you how absolutely disgusted I am over someone who worked for our agency that would live in those conditions and would certainly subject the child to those conditions," Sheriff Ivey said.


On Wednesday night, Worthy's neighbors reported hearing a woman scream and several gunshots. After receiving calls about the incident, Bevard County deputies arrived at Worthy's Rockledge home and began interviewing him and Trexler.

When both proved uncooperative, the deputies returned the next day with a search warrant. A handgun and several shell casings were found inside the home.

Horrified officers also discovered cocaine, marijuana, sex toys, and several bullet holes in the home's walls. Because of the unsanitary condition of the home, Worthy and Trexler were arrested and charged with child neglect.

The couple was also charged with possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, and other drug-related charges. They are both being held on a $5,000 bond in the Bevard County Jail.

Once a hero

Besides being 2016's "Law Enforcement Officer of the Year," Worthy is a decorated combat veteran. As a member of the elite U.S. Army Rangers, Worthy was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010.

There, Worthy received the Bronze Star Medal of Valor. Two years later, Worthy left the Army and joined the sheriff's department.

The action that most likely earned Worthy his 2016 award came in February 2015. At the scene of an arson attempt, Worthy and two other deputies pulled an injured victim (who turned out to be the arsonist himself) to safety after breaking a window in the burning home. Also, in March of that year, Worthy shot and killed a suspect who opened fire on him after randomly shooing at nearby houses throughout the day.