According to Rolling Stone, Maybach Music Group CEO Rick Ross was hospitalized early Thursday morning, March 2, and is currently connected to life support equipment, helping him breathe and ensuring that his heart continues functioning.

Likewise, the entertainment source notes that Rick is in the cardiac unit of the hospital, suggesting that it's possible he suffered a heart attack. Specifically, according to TMZ, one of the machines attached to Ross – called ECMO or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation – oxygenates his blood externally before returning it into his body.

Finding Rick Ross unresponsive

TMZ reports that someone from his Miami-area home found the rapper and called 911. In the call, the person described Ross as "breathing heavy" and unresponsive. This was around 3:30 a.m., according to the source. During the call, the person also noted that Rick actually has a history of seizures, and while he or she attempted to wake him, he was nonetheless "slobbing out the mouth."

TMZ mentions that authorities claim Ross was "belligerent" when he regained consciousness. Apparently, an ambulance took Rick to a hospital where he began receiving respiratory treatment, according to Rolling Stone.

The source suggests it could be for pneumonia as well.

But to the contrary, a family member denies reports of Rick Ross' hospitalization. Likewise, Rick's representatives have allegedly skipped over returning Rolling Stone's comment requests.

What's really going on with Ross?

Interestingly enough, the source recalls a 2011 incident where Ross lost consciousness during a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Memphis. According to the report, Rick had suffered a seizure, and, in an effort to save his life, the plane had to make an emergency landing. At the time of the incident, Ross told the source that it felt like he had simply "dozed off on the couch," referring to the seizure.

"I actually got off the plane like, 'Seizure? Y'all are trippin','" said Rick Ross. However, he also mentioned that part of the issue was that he wasn't getting enough rest as well. Rick noted that he'd get two hours of sleep and "keep it moving."

However, in addition, Ross also attributed the possibility to smoking marijuana. Rolling Stone quotes Rick as follows.

"I'm most definitely an avid user, a pothead, however you want to look at it. I call it green caviar. It's like a short vacation – it helps me chill out. And people really love it when I chill out, because I can really be a dickhead."

Unfortunately, in a strange twist of fate, Ross suffered another seizure on a different flight, relatively close to the aforementioned time.

Rolling Stone notes that Rick Ross' seizures have been pure exhaustion for the rapper. Due to all the medical scares, according to TMZ, Rick got on a mission to get his health together and ended up losing 100 pounds. The source mentions that he changed his diet and habits.

Nevertheless, regarding Ross' current medical condition, details are scarce at the moment, and the story is still developing as more information becomes available.