Is Kim Jong-un willing to talk about denuclearization with the government of the United States? Donald Trump is willing to converse, but only if it is “under the right conditions” according to ABC News.

Donald Trump has been in a constant dispute while trying to get Kim Jong-un to surrender his nuclear weapons that pose a threat to the United States.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un agree to meet and compromise

It was expressed in one of Trump's tweets that he doesn’t exactly trust the meeting that may take place. Will there actually be an end to the war between North and South Korea while also ending an ongoing threat to the United States?

Twitter feeds on this subject are exploding with all kind of opinions and comments. Some comments bash Donald Trump while others praise him for the progress he has made.

As the tweets rise in comments, the world can't help but wonder what is going to take place between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. Will Donald Trump be able to gain enough courage to attempt this meeting? Will Kim Jong-un hold to his promise to consider denuclearization and scrap his nukes? If this meeting does take place, Kim Jong-un promised to halt any nuclear testing during the meetings.

Say thank you to the winter Olympics.

Having the Winter Olympics in South Korea this year played a big part in getting Kim Jong-un to agree to communicate with the U.S. Government.

This happened with the help of the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in. According to Independent news, the catch to this meeting is that security guarantees will have to be in place for Pyongyang. It is showing that North Korea wants to end this constant problem but only if there is no threat to their country from the United States and the military.

This is because Donald Trump has threatened and insulted Kim Jong-un many times.

The world is watching and waiting

According to ABC News, South Korean and the United States officials believe this meeting will be like the rest, unsuccessful and possibly a trap for an attack as punishment to the United States. It's been said Kim Jong-un wants this meeting so he can grant his father's last dying wish of destroying with nuclear weapons.

Maybe Kim Jong-un is growing up and finally realizing compromise is a must if peace is what he wants.

Due to the lack of trust between Kim Jong-un and the United States, it is hard to say if this compromise will really happen.The only way to find out if Kim Jong-un is telling the truth is if Donald Trump attempts to have this meeting. Maybe it is a risk that is worth taking.