Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea, has finally indicated that he is willing to have dialogue with the United States. That must have come as a big relief to President Moon Jae-in of South Korea who is keen to normalize relations with the North. He was relying on the 2018 Winter Olympics to pave the way for peace in the region, and Kim’s willingness to have talks is a positive sign.

Daily Mail UK reports that Kim's representatives who are in South Korea to attend the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics have conveyed the message. It has come as a surprise because Kim Jong-Un had been continuously threatening America with dire consequences.

Why the sudden change?

Washington has imposed a fresh round of sanctions on North Korea which is described as the heaviest ever, and that could be the reason for Kim’s change of stance. It seems Moon Jae-in, President of South Korea, held a meeting with North Korean General Kim Yong Chol in Pyeongchang. Both sides agreed on the need to improve relations between the United States and North Korea as well as between the two Koreas, and the offer to have dialogue came from Kim’s side after the meeting.

The sudden step down by Kim Jong-Un is strange given his regular threats to nuke the United States. The global community has denounced his nuclear ambitions and has imposed a number of sanctions on the regime as has America.

The purpose is to choke the flow of funds into the country. It is possible that Kim is feeling the impact of these measures and wants to wriggle out of this tough situation.

Ivanka avoids Kim’s men

Ivanka Trump was in Pyeongchang on behalf of President Donald Trump. She had come to attend the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics, and she shook hands and greeted others but avoided the delegation from North Korea.

The seating arrangement for the program was such that Kim Yong Chol, Moon Jae-in and Ivanka Trump were in close proximity to each other but she apparently remained aloof. It was a lost opportunity similar to the opening ceremony of the Games when Mike Pence was in the row ahead of Kim’s sister and there was no interaction.

Regarding the offer of peace from Kim Jong-Un, the office of the president of South Korea released a brief statement indicating Pyongyang’s willingness to hold talks with Washington. The intention is to improve relations not just between the two Koreas but also between the United States and North Korea.